WOW! Jim Comey and Our Political System Damned — First Refuge of Scoundrels


comeyThere is no question that Hillary has continually lied about her email scandal and there is no question some Democrat congressmen are lying, claiming she didn’t lie.

She did send and receive classified emails on her unsecured server, some were classified at the time she sent them though she said otherwise,she used multiple servers contrary to what she said, several thousand work-related emails were not returned to State though she claimed they were, and FBI Director James Comey called her out for lying.

That’s only the beginning of this scandal. We all know that Jim Comey laid out a case for gross negligence and then let her off. It’s currently unclear why.

Bret Stephens,highly respected and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the Wall Street Journal, said that Jim Comey’s decision was completely predictable. Comey, he says will always put politics first.

Comey is courageous when he goes after unpopular people in the Beltway like the witch hunt of Scooter Libby and the prosecution of Martha Stewart. He’s different when it’s political, Stephens believes.

Comey, Mr. Stephens says, put aside his sworn duty to uphold the law, he put aside honesty. He puts politics over what is honest in the judicial system.

Stephens has followed his career for years and is well-versed on his history.

Comey is no straight-shooter according to Stephens. We do not have equal justice for all and politics has become the first refuge of scoundrels in this country.

That expression is a takeoff of Samuel Johnson’s phrase, Patriotism has become the last refuge of scoundrels. Johnson was referring to the false patriotism of trouble makers who serve only to disturb the public good. In this case, Stephens is damning the entire political system as the first place the scoundrel seeks his place.

This country is in serious trouble.

Comey has a mixed record, especially after Stewart was put behind bars for six months. I didn’t feel one ounce safer with her locked up and then walking around with an ankle bracelet personally.

Comey is the one who let Lois Lerner off the hook. That’s always been a question

This is the exchange from the O’Reilly show.

Mr. Stephens has never had any use for Mr. Comey but based on what he did and said yesterday, there really is no other conclusion to come to. Comey knew Hillary was guilty and decided to let her off the hook.

We will know more tomorrow when he testifies and we will see what he comes up with but don’t be disappointed if he proves Mr. Stephens correct.

Go to the contributing factor podcast here. Stephens discusses the nonsense about “intent” and Deutsch’s persecution. He also discussed the erroneous predictions of the president.