2014: Rename ObamaCare After Your Elected D.C. Democrat


In 2009, Democrats fanned out across the land “promoting” the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Hundreds of Town Hall Meetings were used to spread their propaganda to the masses.

Lost among some of the fiery exchanges at those gatherings was how poorly the term ObamaCare was received by both the bill’s Democrat authors, and their supporters.  Often, questioners simply referencing that name, were subjected to audience grumbling, catcalls and boos.  This was usually accompanied by stern looks of disapproval from “offended” politicians.

Wanting to win the battle over language, Dems shortened PPACA to the Affordable Care Act.  It sounded so much more appealing.  Sometime later the president said he was fine having his name on the law.   While it didn’t make much of a splash at the time, some of us seeing the ultimate disaster lying ahead, joked that sooner or later, Democrats running for reelection would be thrilled to have their “signature legislation” named after anybody but them.

With the approach of 2014, vulnerable pols who endlessly shilled and voted for the increasingly troubled PPACA are panicked.  As people receiving health insurance cancellations continue to outnumber those signing up for the plan, members of Obama’s party in the House voted with Republicans to delay the disaster one year.  In the Senate his “peeps” are desperately trying to draft measures that effectively do what some their “radical” GOP colleagues wanted done, and was the focus of heated debate, during last month’s government shut down.

These frantic hypocrites are attempting to remove all memory of their ill-fated, dreadful choices.  As a public service let us offer the following advice.  Involved, civic minded citizens should begin a campaign to rename ObamaCare after D.C. Democrats who voted for it.

For example, across Long Island, depending on the Congressional District,  the law could become BishopCare, McCarthyCare, or SteveIsraelCare.   It’s just as easily applicable to Senators up for reelection. There’s LandrieuCare, UdallCare, ShaheenCare, PryorCare, and BegichCare.  What better way to remind constituents of a politician’s voting record than to name a “transformative” statute in the pol’s honor?


Slap their moniker on the legislation they so purposely misrepresented and then forced down our collective throats.   They should wear that label as proudly now as they did while repeatedly lying to us regarding the law’s effects on our healthcare.


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