28 Signs That We Are Living in Tyranny


Mr. Obama has never embraced traditional America. He never expresses admiration for our history or our flag. When has he shed a tear over the Star Spangled Banner? I’ll tell you he never has because he holds a negative view of the United States.

He sees traditional America as racist much as Reverend Wright does. God damn America could have come from Mr. Obama as much as from the kooky Rev. Wright.

Mr. Obama doesn’t believe we should have power or influence beyond that of any of the other nations in the world. Our wealth must be spread around a bit, for justice’s sake.

He is not a traditional American. His youth was spent in Indonesia where he learned to eat snakes and dogs. His childhood is nothing like that of any black or white American. He is a stranger to traditional America and he has never assimilated.

What’s more, he means every tyrannical thing he says and does.

For a reminder, here’s a list of just 28 of some of the most unacceptable acts of tyranny he has inflicted on the American public.

1. He sees religion as having no place in society. He believes it is divisive. On a recent visit to Ireland, he told them to reject their Protestant and Catholic schools because they are dividing people. He is forcing that secular vision on a nation founded on God. We have one example this week when we discovered that non-active duty priests and ministers can’t say mass or perform religious services on military bases during the shutdown according to the Archdiocese for the Military Services.

Secularization of the military has also included removing God from chaplain’s communications – click the link.

The DOJ defunded programs that mention God or prayer. There are many other examples.

2. Agencies are out of control. The EPA is using the Mississipi Gopher Frog to evict families or make it impossible for them to use their land. Gibson Guitars was raided by armed agents in the Forestry Service over fretboards and families have been destroyed over trumped up charges by the EPA claiming that their land is wetland.

3. Obama attempted to destabilize Egypt to keep the terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, in power according to the World Tribune. When have we had a president who is this enamored of our enemies and so disdainful of our friends?

4. The shut down abuse is worthy of a Banana Republic, not the US. Mr. Obama has chosen to close open memorials and private parks to hurt people. There can be no other reason.


5. Mr. Obama has left our borders open for drug dealers, traffickers, and terrorists to pour through. He has given the go-ahead for asylum without even adequate verification. More than 15,000 here ostensibly as students have jumped visas and some never attended school – we don’t know where they are. Mr. Obama is breaking immigration law on a regular basis – check it out on this link. We don’t need new laws as much as we need enforcement of the laws we have.

6. Mr. Obama is wasting our money on bad deals, especially if they have the word ‘green’ in front of them. Take his latest green car fiasco or his investment in EcotalityFisker, Solyndra, and the many other ‘investments’ that were owned by his bundlers and which belly-flopped.

7. Obamacare is a disaster for America. The CBO says it is unsustainable but that doesn’t stop the administration. They don’t seem to care. The list of abuses caused by Obamacare could be extensive but I’ve chosen to list only a few.

The administration won’t tell us how many are enrolling in Obamacare. We have to find out from the Daily Mail, a british tabloid.

As Obamacare unravels, it becomes clear that there has been almost unbelievable incompetence from start to finish. Two companies involved in the enrollment process are under investigation or unable to do the job. The subsidies will be given out by the government without any verification. This is our tax money they are playing games with.

Click on this link for the 51 reasons to hate Obamacare. Almost everything Mr. Obama said Obamacare would do didn’t come to fruition: the premiums are higher, millions are left uncovered, and we won’t necessarily keep our doctor or our health insurance plan.

Obamacare puts an end to the 4th Amendment though the NSA certainly does as well. The invasive Electronic Records expose everyone’s personal and financial records to multiple government agencies. Read about the datahub here.The IRS can go into peoples’ bank accounts and take their money without a warrant or a court order of any kind.

Obamacare is a disaster and the majority of the citizens do not want it but Mr. Obama doesn’t care because it’s not about our health, it’s about government control of our health.

8. Even a manual is top secret in this administration. Look at what was printed on a bland manual for Obamacare navigators and ask yourself if this is threatening:

INFORMATION NOT RELEASABLE TO THE PUBLIC UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY LAW:This information has not been publicly disclosed and may be privileged and confidential. It is for internal government use only and must not be disseminated, distributed, or copied to persons not authorized to receive the information. Unauthorized disclosure may result in prosecution to the full extent of the law.

9. Common Core is creating havoc. The curricula is age-inappropriate across the board. Five-year olds are being taught about The Code of Hammurabi. It is a one-size-fits-all curricula and it takes control out of the hands of parents and local school districts.  The curricula is not based on research and is doomed to fail but not before it harms many a child’s self-image.

Mr. Obama wants to eliminate home schooling which conforms to his belief that the government and only the government need be in charge. The deportation case of the Romeilke family serves as a perfect example.

10. Mr. Obama continually does end-runs around Congress and uses the excuse that he had to act unilaterally because Congress failed to act, ignoring the fact that our Constitution does not allow for that. He does end-runs around SCOTUS as well. A case in point: DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t like the SCOTUS decision on The Voting Rights Act of 1965 so he is doing an end-run around SCOTUS by suing Texas and North Carolina because they passed laws requiring photo ID for voter registration in accordance with the SCOTUS decision.

They don’t want photo ID’s because they want to corrupt the vote.

11. Mr. Obama’s grandfather and parents were Communists. His mentor, Franklin Marshall Davis, was a Communist. When he was in college, he hung out with Marxist professors. He worked with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers for three years and got his political start in Ayers living room. His church for 20 years was the Black Liberation church of anti-white hate run by Rev. Wright.

He has abandoned our ally Israel and has said,  ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’ (Audacity)

He takes much of his ideology from Karl Marx. Redistribution, economic justice, environmental justice, social justice all come from the dated vision of Karl Marx, spiritual leader of the ‘great unwashed.’

12. Obama’s handling of foreign affairs is confusing and ineffective. He said this past week that he will lessen sanctions to negotiate a deal with Iran. He will do this while Iran is obviously building a nuclear bomb which will be used against Israel and the United States.

His cowering over Syria was a humiliation on the world stage.

His oversight of the Iraq withdrawal was a disaster. He did not demand a status of forces agreement. His withdrawal helped lead to a rebirth of al-Qaida in Iraq.

He has repeatedly betrayed Israel and released their intel. Speaking of intel, Obama releases the USA’s secrets when it suits him without concern for the welfare of the men and women serving in the military.

13. He has raised the debt by $6.5 trillion and then lied about it. He claims he cut the deficit in half. He cut his first budget, though not in half but it was a budget Bush doubled for Obama’s use.

The CBO said our nation is on an unsustainable path. By 2038, our spending will equal the GDP. We won’t be able to pay the interest on the debt at that point.

Unemployment under Obama has settled into a consistent high much as it is in Socialist Europe.

He oversaw the first ever lowering of the US credit rating and then blamed Bush and the Republicans for all of it though Bush is gone and the Republicans only hold power over one-half of one-third of government.

This is our new reality.

14. Mr. Obama wants control of private pension funds. He has been clear on that issue.

15. The government is using the most feared agency in the US government – the IRS – to bully Americans. The fact that they are NOT investigating how it happened should tell people something.

16. The NSA is spying on us and lying about it. Obama is lying about it.

17. Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars have been slated for Planned Parenthood, an organization that makes its living from abortions which many in this country are opposed to on moral and religious grounds.

Planned Parenthood has paid out millions for charges of fraud but that doesn’t stop Mr. Obama from funding them.

18. Completely without concern for the average American who will suffer under increased energy costs, Mr. Obama has declared war on fossil fuels.

19. He will force Universal PreK on Americans if he can though we obviously can’t afford it. Money is no object and he believes government should be in charge from birth to death.

20. Our Second Amendment is in grave danger. We have to deal with a constant onslaught of anti-gun laws, the Arms Trade Treaty, and Executive Orders. Our press is corrupt and serve as his lap dogs on this issue and most other issues as well.

21. Mr. Obama doesn’t care how much money it take to spend us into a welfare state. In fact, we are already there. He has helped put half the nation on entitlements. A favorite program of his is food stamps or SNAP. He even advertises food stamps in Mexico, encouraging only the most ‘entitled’ foreigners to cross our borders illegally.

21. While Americans suffer, he flies his dogs around on their own plane.

22. He wants us to give up a ‘pinch’ of sovereignty by selling our souls and our Constitution to the UN. Check it out here.

23. Mr. Obama is a social engineer and plans to map every neighborhood in the country. He will then redistribute the assets and people according to his Marxist philosophy. Read more here.

24. If it is politically expedient, he will allow terrorists to be tried as common criminals and will deprive our military of medals and just compensation as victims of terrorism. We saw this unfold in the Fort Hood case.

25. The IRS can bully and threaten ordinary Americans. Diplomats in places like Benghazi can be left unprotected. The FBI and NSA can spy on reporters and ordinary Americans. All are called ‘phony’ scandals by Mr. Obama.

He has unleashed a rogue FEC.

The DOJ sued companies in South Carolina for conducting background checks on prospective employees. They said it was racist since many of the minority applicants had criminal backgrounds. Mr. Obama can make the people do anything he wants them to do.

26. In order to flatter a dictator, he will do anything, even extoll Ho Chi Minh. Remember this Obama quote: And we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.

27. The EPA is overwriting our laws with rules. The White House is writing law on Obamacare. Only Congress has the privilege of writing laws. Mr. Obama is ignoring the Constitution.

28. Obama’s administrators pick and choose which laws they will follow and which ones they will ignore. For example, Eric Holder sued Arizona and other states for attempting to secure their borders, something the federal government is not doing but he won’t pursue cases against Washington and Colorado for legalizing marijuana which is in violation of federal law. Obama broke the law repeatedly with his unilateral mandates such as the delay of the employer mandate and his carve outs for unions and other special interests.

A government that is feared by the people is tyrannical. When the government controls the people instead of the other way around, it is tyrannical. This is what tyranny looks like.