Agents See Hillary As A “Very Unique Threat to Our Republic”



Former Secret Service agent Don Bongino told Martha McCallum on a Fox day time show that Mrs. Clinton “must be kept from the White House” because “public service means nothing to the Clintons. Government to the Clintons is a tool to be used for them and she presents “a very unique threat to our Republic.”

As someone with contacts in Secret Service, Mr. Bongino was able to react to the latest FBI documents that have agents describing Mrs. Clinton as nasty and abusive to agents. Bongino said she was as nasty to the female agents. The news that she completely disregards agents warnings ago entering unsecured areas was also discussed.

It’s not surprising that she would be nasty to agents. Leftists don’t like law enforcement.

Clinton refusing to listen to agents and demanding they drive through danger zones for photo opportunities, is not surprising either.

Mrs. Clinton does whatever she wants. Look what she did in Libya against the wishes of Congress, the intelligence community, the generals. She lied about the situation and destroyed a country where the dictator was working with us and was trying to destroy al Qaeda in Benghazi.

The country is now a haven for terrorists.

The media has stopped reporting about IS’s crimes – IS now has a hone in Libya. Their vile crimes continue. For example, they now chop off the legs and arms of children who are starving for their “crime”. Barack Obama and John Kerry if you remember, told the press they were instigating the trouble by reporting it so the press dutifully stopped. If you go to UK papers, you can find more accurate information. You won’t get it here in the US from our corrupt media.

Is Hillary a very unique threat to our Republic? For one thing, you will never hear the word “Republic” leave her lips as you haven’t from Barack Obama. They want a Socialist Democracy, not a Republic and for the last eight years, that is what we have had and it will soon get a whole lot worse with Hillary Clinton in charge.


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