Are You Too Shy, Very Sad, Have Senior Moments? You Might Be Crazy!


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) amended the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and is under heavy criticism for classifying ‘normal behaviors’ and ‘normal’ activities as symptoms of mental illness in this year’s manual.

Internet ‘addiction’, shyness, senior moments, and conspiracy theories could be symptoms of mental illness.

If a therapist decides you are on the Internet too much, you could be labelled mentally ill.

Who is going to talk to a doctor who thinks you’re crazy because of some subjective measure? None of the new amendments have a scientific basis.

Children who have temper tantrums now have ‘disruptive mood disregulation disorder.’ If they say ‘no’ to their parents too many times, they get classified.

Extreme sadness, weight loss, fatigue and trouble sleeping some people experience after a loved one’s death are now a depression illness to be treated with antidepressants.

People who have ‘senior moments’ now have ‘mild neurocognitive disorder’. Nothing like stigmatizing seniors.

Asperger’s syndrome is no longer a separate diagnosis, people with this disorder are now lumped under autism though it is much milder.

If you think too much about some pain you have, you have ‘somatic symptom disorder’. If you are dying from a painful illness, the term still applies.

Binge eating might be a mental illness.

Pretty much everyone in the country is crazy and needs medication.


There is another advantage beyond supplying Big Pharma with customers. The left wants doctors to report patients who might be mentally ill and who have gun permits. This could provide a pathway to gun confiscation though saying that makes me a conspiracy theorist and possibly crazy.

None of these have a scientific basis but they will do a lot of harm unless you’re a drug company which stands to benefit.

The therapists in this country are currently labeling about one of every five Americans mentally ill and that number is about to go up. It’s good for business.

They could mislabel millions and it plays into a political narrative as well.

The APA has lost their credibility for many. This organization is very powerful and their new guidelines could be dangerous.

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