Central American Dictators Now Working Out Deals for Cuban Migrants to Flow Into the US



The US now has a big welfare state and open borders – an extremely bad situation for our freedom and our economy. Central American nations are now working out deals to get Cuban migrants into the US where they can exploit our system. For fifty years, Cubans have a special deal and become instant refugees even though they are not fleeing anything.

The massive invasion into the United States of foreigners from 170 countries will now soon include Cuba.

In 2012, Raul Castro abolished the need for and exit visa for Cubans wanting to travel out of the country. Many come to the United States where they can take advantage of a special refugee benefit.

The second they step for on US soil, they become instant refugees which includes cash payments, free housing, food, education, medical care and they are eligible for citizenship. They also become eligible for social security – SSI – without ever having worked a day.

Thousands of Cuban migrants hoping to exploit the US benefits are journeying towards the US.

cuban migrants

The Central American nations have worked out a deal to expedite their travel to the US.

We not only have an invasion at our borders but foreign nations are being allowed to work out covert deals to facilitate their travel into the country illegally.

They have set up a humanitarian airlift the first week of January from Costa Rica to El Salvador where they will hope buses to Mexico on their journey to invade the US. This information comes from Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry.

How are they paying for this or are US taxpayers paying for it?

It’s a “pilot program”. Of course no word of dissent will come from the Marxist in the White House.

The Guatemalan government hosted the event as they decided how the communist migrants will illegally enter the US. Officials from Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica and the International Organization for Migration took part in the talks, Guatemala said. They’re keeping details secret – they want a certain level of discretion. I bet they do.

Imagine if the situation were in reverse?

There are at least 8,000 migrants in Costa Rica waiting to come here.

This is so unsustainable. Massive, unfettered immigration is a national security threat and it is an economic threat. Allowing people to flood in here from communist nations puts our freedoms in jeopardy because they don’t have an opportunity to assimilate.

In fact, the Cubans are almost all men and they economic migrants, not refugees fleeing anything. They money they make – if any – will be sent back to Cuba.

All I have to say about the following from the Pope is WTH!




  1. Dictators? REALLY!? The title itself invalidates everything in the article! Read a bit more the newspapers… Each and every president in Central America nowadays has been elected by the people in legitimate -and observed- elections.
    About the inmigration… I guess your great grandparents were sioux… or something like that… And that is why you are turning your back to newcomers.

    • They are awful. El Salvador is a narco state. Some of the elections are tainted and some of the people are uneducated.

      ILLEGAL immigration and MASSIVE invasions are unacceptable. I actually do have Native-American blood.

  2. Olga, the fact that you get your information from the newspapers confirms your mentality. You, obviously, don’t understand the definition of illegal. AMERICANS should come first. We cannot afford to support all their entitlements. Seniors haven’t had a social security raise in four out of five years, but illegals should receive benefits without ever working. How many entitlements are you on?

    On the pope, he is a communist. The Vatican is the richest entity in the world. Let him take them all. I’m as sick of him as I am of Obama and the mentally disturbed libtards. My New Year’s resolution is no tolerance of radicals.

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