Charlie Hebdo Gives Up But Not on Caricatures of Jews and Christians


The editor of Charlie Hebdo, who played dead to survive during the 3-day terror attack in Paris beginning January 7, told a Hamburg-based news organization, Stern, that there will be no more Prophet Mohammed cartoons. He doesn’t want to look obsessed with Islam and they have proven their point and reserved “the right to criticise all religions”, he told the publication in an interview.


The magazine has done its job, editor Laurent Sourisseau said.

“We have drawn Mohammad to defend the principle that one can draw whatever they want…we have defended the right to caricature.”

Hebdo _2 Hebdo_4

Charlie Hebdo hates all religions equally. They believe religion starts the wars and while there is some truth to that, especially now, it doesn’t explain Joseph Stalin, the Castro brothers, so many other godless terrorists, and even Adolf who merely tolerated and used religion.

“The mistakes you could blame Islam for can be found in other religions,” the editor said.

He is happy that others will continue the fight, seemingly referring to the Draw Mohammed contest in Texas which will now host a London Draw Mohammed contest.

They plan to “stand by their principles” and attack other religions such as Christianity and Judaism unless they start slaughtering cartoonists too I suppose.

They stood up for their principles beyond what others would have done but can they say they still are? What do you think? They certainly sacrificed a lot.

I understand his view but does he have principles when he will continue to attack other religions but not Islam? If Hebdo insults every religion but Islam, radical Islam has won, hasn’t it? It vindicates the radical method, doesn’t it?

Either continue or get out of the religious criticism business altogether if you want to say you are standing up for principles.

The cartoons that radical Islamists thought were worth killing for can be found at HuffPo


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7 years ago

NO ONE GOT KILLED OR HURT at Charlie Hebdo – a HOAX!