College Professor – Fox Analyst – Says a Panel of Murderers and Communists Is “Amazing”


lamont Hill

Morehouse College Professor and former talking head on The O’Reilly Factor, Dr. Lamont Hill, who is teaching our black youth, thinks a panel of murderers and communists is simply amazing! He wants people to give them the “love”.

Hill says the educational system is to prepare black youth for prison. Whites are criminalizing blacks for being blacks, he falsely states.

The panel is a racist panel condemning the “white supremacy” which doesn’t exist except among a small group of extremist nuts.

Whites have to start calling out blacks who are racists as these people are. We are allowing a communist distortion to destroy who whites are and they are making us the enemy instead of the leftism that is truly their enemy.

Read about Mumia here, Angela Davis here, prophet Cornell West here, and Michelle Alexander here and here.

It would stand to reason that these people wouldn’t want criminals arrested.

More words of wisdom from the Hill. He says the police are an “occupying force.” [So, let’s withdraw the “occupying force.]

Professor Hill is a communist who doesn’t have the courage or the honesty to call himself a communist. Hill is also anti-Israel, as Legal Insurrection pointed out.

His obvious desire to overturn our system of government is reflected in his tweets. Don’t kid yourself about these anti-police movements – they are leading to totalitarianism and anarchy.


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