Congressman Tim Bishop – M I D, Missing in District



Photo of the missing congressman Tim Bishop. If I had his record, I’d hide too.

Has anyone in New York’s CD 1 seen Congressman Timothy Bishop recently?  In spite of promises to constituents calling his Long Island office, Tim scheduled NO publicly attended, town hall meetings to discuss ObamaCare, Syria, or anything else.

As of September 15th, under Upcoming Events, the lone event noted was, “Helping You Help A Senior Information Forum”.  It was held at the Centereach VFW on July 26, 2013!  What happened between August 5th and September 6th ?  The latter mentioned 5 week period was Mr. Bishop’s “Summer Recess”.  Apparently, voters’ concerns over weighty matters not withstanding, Tim  took the recess part of his break quite literally.

During those lost days, a local paper, Newsday, managed to squeeze a couple of self serving, some might say ironic/cynical/hypocritical quotes, from the reclusive representative.

On August 18th, Bishop surfaced, calling on Congress to stop federal money from going to companies that ship American call-center jobs beyond our borders.  Sniffing self-righteous indignation he pontificated, “…..I consider outsourcing to be a scourge on our economy.  Sending good middle-class jobs overseas to pad a corporate bottom line is something taxpayers must not be forced to support.”  That is unless Timothy Bishop voted to do just that.

As part of the contentious American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (Stimulus), Bishop and his fellow Democrats approved spending 2 BILLION DOLLARS to create new “green jobs”.  The problem?  Roughly 80% of that money went to foreign manufacturers and their employees.

The inept legislators failed to include a basic “made in the U.S.A.” stipulation in their very own American Recovery Act.  Thousands upon thousands of good paying positions wound up in other countries, while  here  at home, we got a “couple hundred”.

Even hyper-partisan Sen. Chuck Schumer was moved to say, “It makes people lose faith in government, and it frankly infuriates me.”  It seems when his votes send taxpayer money overseas to boost, of all things, some foreign company’s bottom line, Bishop’s outrage stops at the water’s edge.

On September 1st, perhaps invigorated from his lengthy rest, Congressman Bishop once again resurfaced long enough to offer a quote to Newsday.  This one was a comment on Syria.  He bravely stated the use of chemical weapons was “unacceptable”.  Whew!  Good news there.  He continued, “The situation deserves careful and deliberate consideration and I look forward to a robust debate in the House of Representatives on the best course of action.”

Interestingly, Mr. Bishop appeared willing to be persuaded on, what at that time and still remains a poorly or undefined military action.

During the Iraq war, Tim voted to defund troops while they were  fighting on the battlefield, because he claimed Republican President Bush “wanted and was getting…. a blank check.”

Then we have him championing “robust debate”.  Long Islanders looking for town halls must assume that kind of give and take is fine only when Timothy’s among his Beltway buddies.

On September 11th Bishop, told Newsday (surprise!) he supported his  party leader’s position on Syria.  The following day, in the same local publication, the Democrat politician got a lot more coverage.  Blanketing virtually all of page 3 was a most unflattering article regarding Bishop’s dubious  fundraising efforts from last year.

A congressional ethics probe found “substantial reason” to believe he violated the law.  They also found, beyond the trade of influence for money originally being investigated, that he may have disregarded limits on donations.

Said Melanie Sloan, director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, “For Mr. Bishop this is all bad news.  It shows the problems were worse than he argued.”

If you’re looking for words from the congressman in the article, you won’t find any.  Tim’s lawyer and his office were both cited twice.  Nothing official from the guy in the eye of the storm.  There is some good news for voters in NY CD 1.  The story includes a big picture of Tim Bishop.  If you’ve forgotten what he looks like, check it out.  It may be the closest you get to seeing him.



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