Cuomo: Exempt Hollywood from Gun Control Laws


King Cuomo of NY
King Andrew Cuomo gave us the strictest gun laws in the nation. He obviously feels that we the people should not have Second Amendment rights because his laws infringe on that right.

He does believe the elite should be exempt. He is going to exempt Hollywood so their violent TV show and movies can be made realistically using assault weapons. Oh, the irony.

Think about it, do you want to see Alec Baldwin with an “assault rifle?”

He said, “Apparently, they have blanks or they have phony magazines or something.” He doesn’t even know or seem to care. He said it’s about the money they spend here.

Does it matter? He’s the king, we are his servants, and only the elite get a pass.

He might as well give criminals an exemption too since they won’t follow the laws and our state officials don’t enforce the laws we have anyway. Only the innocent comply.

The Cuomo anti-gun bill was passed in a great hurry, unnecessarily, I might add. It did not allow our police officers to carry high-capacity magazines. Cuomo is finally planning to fix that. Big of him!

No one read the gun bill according to stories coming out of Albany. It was thrown together and put in front of our elected officials 10 minutes before they were to vote, though it was only 8 pages long from what I understand.

Instead of delaying a day to allow for some public feedback and to actually read it, the legislators just passed it. The king had spoken and they recoiled in his presence.

This Thursday, gun opponents will descend on the Capitol but Obama’s Organizing for Action already mobilized unions to come in support of Cuomo – how astro-turf of them.

Full story at CBS Local


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