DC Would Rather Have No Jobs Than Walmart Jobs



Photo of Walmart, demonized & unwelcome

Wal-Mart Stores, the non-unionized retail chain, hoped to open new stores in Washington DC but the city government passed legislation that would discourage them from doing so. The council approved a living-wage bill, the Large Retailer Accountability Act, that does NOT apply to chains with unions and only applies to Walmart and other nonunion retailers.

The bill increases the minimum wage to $12.50 for large retailers that do not have unionized labor.

The minimum wage in DC is $8.25 an hour, $4.25 less than what they are demanding from Walmart. It will remain the minimum wage for everyone but Walmart and other nonunion retailers. Ironically, Walmart’s average full-time salary is $12.67 an hour.

So much for free enterprise and non-union stores.

This move was in response to a Walmart executive threatening to cancel plans to build three DC stores and review three others under construction if the bill was approved.

After hearing of the Council’s passage of the bill, the company said it will do as promised.

It will leave the residents of DC without the opportunity to vie for the 1800 jobs. It’s also a loss for the communities who would have had the opportunity to buy reasonably priced goods.

Mayor Vincent Gray has not said if he will veto the Council’s bill but he said he found it “immensely discouraging.”

Full story at businesslike

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