Democrats Try to Shut the Government Down Over Budget Deal Pelosi Crafted


The spending bill barely passed 219-206 this evening thanks to House Republican votes. It’s on its way to the Senate where Elizabeth Warren says she will hold it up. [They voted to delay it for two days and fund the government while they fight about the changes to Dodd-Frank.]

Warren’s demanding a government shutdown. She’s a hostage taker!

Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren, who claims she is 1/32nd Native American, is trying to shut the government down after having gone on the record as saying it’s undemocratic to shut down the government.

This is what she said about shutdowns before she was for them:

She told NBC’s Nora O’Donnell today that, “This isn’t about compromise. This is about reckless behavior.”

Nancy Pelosi is angry and hates the deal but she is the one who helped craft it.

Will the Barry-cades go up if the Democrats shut down the government? Will this be the view at the National Memorials tomorrow?

tear down these Barry-cades

The Democrats have just sent the hypocrisy meter all askew.


Meanwhile, the budget has money to fund Obamacare, illegal immigration, it funds the EPA to hurt states like Texas, it funds abortion and on and on and on. Republicans gave up a lot of leverage.

All they have left to bargain with is some of the DHS budget. What are they going to do? Tell Barack Obama that if he doesn’t stop his unlawful amnesty, they won’t pay for Border Patrol?

It’s hard to believe they won the election.


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