Diversity, Multiculturalism and PC, Bringing America to a Close



Branco cartoon via Conservative Daily News

Diversity, multiculturalism, and political correctness are being sold to us as something that will bring us together when the entire purpose is to separate us and alter forever the Great Experiment – a free country of unified Americans.

The Washington Times reports that New York City cut their gifted program because it lacked diversity, in other words, it was helping mostly whites because the whites were the ones who qualified. PS 139 Principal Mary McDonald told parents in a letter Jan. 24 that Students of Academic Rigor, or SOAR, would no longer accept applications for incoming kindergartners.

Programs can no longer survive if they only help or mostly help whites.

How can we say we are still America when whites who are eligible for gifted education cannot receive it by virtue of the fact that they are white?

Diversity has even gone so far as to insist that felons be hired in jobs that are inappropriate for them. Our government is hiring thieves and fraudsters to handle the financial and personal records of Americans by being given jobs as ObamaCare navigators?

The New York City Fire Department has had to suffer countless lawsuits for hiring the best qualified for the job instead of the most minorities.

Multiculturalism in this country is greatly flawed. We are inviting people who want to come for entitlements and who are too heavily represented by the uneducated. Another problem is they are coming from countries that are communist, socialist and theocratic fascist states. They are not encouraged to melt into our society but rather to maintain their own ethnic prejudices and prior conflicts.

They come here to make America into the same hell hole they left and/or to live off entitlements that lured them here. We mustn’t forget the US food stamps we advertise in Mexico.

One of the most grievous offenses is the segregation of Hispanic-Americans from other Americans, especially whites. They have been given their own separate category and have been made to feel that they will always be Hispanic-Americans, not Americans, and that they should wear that badge proudly.

We are now doing the same with Asians. The desire to add the Lunar New Year to the New York City list of paid holidays is a direct attempt to separate us,  not to welcome Asians into the America as it was founded and intended to be – a nation of one people. I know this is debatable but I do believe I’m correct about this.

Communist Chinese are setting up Chinese enclaves in America that are not like Chinatown, they are Chinese Communist towns right in our country.

Muslims are also being encouraged to exist as they did in their native country with closed communities surrounding Mosques, Mosques that are often radicalized or have the potential to be.

Then there are the constantly in-our-face LGBT promotions. Why? There is no explanation for the extremism of it.

We have become a country of disparate entities with a president who actively promotes separation, division, and hatred along class, racial, and religious lines.

States like California and Colorado have turned blue because of illegal immigration and several more are headed in the same direction.

Then there are those who silence us with Political Correctness (PC) which is a direct assault on freedom of speech. If they can accuse you of racism for even mentioning the problems with diversity and multiculturalism or prevent you from making a move without buying into and promoting the concepts, then it’s a done deal.

Together diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness are destroying America.

This is the hope and change Obama is selling as he transforms America into his idea of Utopia.

If we don’t act on these deterrents to unity that threaten to swallow the very foundation of American unity, we will devolve into a nation of separation, division, and endless classes of people constantly at war with one another. We are inventing class systems that will devolve into a caste system.

The ideology we are currently living under doesn’t seek equality, it seeks to make those they believe are underdogs into superiors. It’s not about unity, it’s about division, it’s not about what’s correct, it’s about silencing opposition, and it will never bring us together.

This ideology is destroying the United States.

In this audio, Mark Levin reads a speech from a former liberal governor, Dick Lamb. The topic: if he really hated America, this is how he’d destroy it. You have to hear this: