Donald Trump Responds In a Big Way to the Cruz Multiple Mistresses Story


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The National Enquirer and a number of outlets including the Daily Beast and GotNews are claiming that the Marco Rubio campaign is responsible for the story that Ted Cruz has five mistresses. It is a story that has been going around for months but last week the Enquirer, a trashy tabloid popular at supermarket checkout counters, blasted the news that it’s true. The publisher is a close friend of Trump’s as is one of the operatives quoted in that story and a series of vicious stories in the Daily Caller labeling Ted Cruz establishment of all things.

Mr. Pecker is the friend and Roger Stone, king of the dirty tricks, is the operative. There is however, no evidence Trump planted the story.

Donald Trump has forfeited his opportunity to disavow the article, however, and has jumped in to say, the Enquirer has a “good record of being right.” I think so too, especially when the uncovered the truth about Hillary Clinton’s alien baby and the one about Obama appointing an alien ambassador as in from outer space not people from Mexico. They also discovered that Adam and Eve were space aliens and a bat child escaped. Who can forget when Saddam and Osama adopted a shaved ape baby.

In between the bizarre, they offer true scoops which gives them a measure of credibility but not much.

On This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Jon Karl asked Donald Trump if he would address the National Enquirer story and whether he or anyone tied to his campaign had anything to do with it.

He denied it.

“Totally. I had nothing to do with it. The campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it. He’s got a problem with “The National Enquirer.” I have no control over “The National Enquirer.” I didn’t even know about the story. I just got it last night. Somebody sent it to me over to read, so I could at least see what it said. I had nothing to do whatsoever with “The National Enquirer.” And neither did the campaign. And I will tell you, for him to try and say that I had to do with it, to try and put the shoe on the other foot is disgraceful.”

He claimed that the negative ad with a half-naked Melania was by a Cruz PAC which is not true. The PAC is anti-Trump and run by people tied to the RNC establishment. Her focus is anti-Trump, not pro-Cruz.

Trump won’t let that accusation against Cruz go.

“And by the way, he’s the one that started it. And from what I hear, he and his campaign went out and bought the cover shoot. She did a — Melania did a cover story for ‘GQ,’ a very strong modeling picture. No big deal. But it was a cover story for ‘GQ,’ a big magazine. And it was, you know, fine. And from what I hear, somebody bought the — the rights to it and he was the one or his campaign bought the rights and they gave it to the super PAC. And just so you understand, that super PAC is very friendly to Ted Cruz. He knew all about it, 100 percent. So he started it. I didn’t start it.”

The force behind the PAC Liz Mair once took donations from a Muslim dictator according to a document uncovered at Got News.  Mair was and perhaps is paid $15,000 a month by Ilham Aliyev, the dictator of Azerbaijan, according to documents filed in accordance with the Foreign Registration Act (FARA).

The British-American Mair is pro-amnesty.

Karl gave him the opportunity to insist this kind of story be off limits.

KARL: “Let me ask you, this story, this — that we see in ‘The National Enquirer,’ this kind of rumor-mongering, should this kind of thing just be off limits? Do you condemn this story?”

TRUMP: “I don’t care. I’m really, I don’t care. “The National Enquirer” did a story. It was their story. It wasn’t my story. It was about Ted Cruz. I have no idea whether it was right or not. They actually have a very good record of being right. But I have absolutely no idea. Frankly, I said, I hope it’s not right.”

The story in the Enquirer offers no evidence. They use weasel words that will help them slide past the lawyers and there are no names, no named sources. In prior articles where they did get it right, they named names or had photos.

Trump chose to continue the path we are on.

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