European Officials Tolerate Muslim Crimes Against Women; Ours Will Do the Same

This Dutch journalist was raped.
This Dutch journalist was raped.

By Bob Bennett 

Americans fear an influx of Muslims, especially hard-to-vet Syrians, because of the real danger of infiltration of terrorists. But the fraction who are terrorists is small; Americans should be more fearful of the large percentage of immigrants bringing with them the cultural values of Muslim countries, particularly attitudes toward women.

Professor Valerie Hudson writes that those attitudes are hard-wired into men of such “honor/shame” societies; this gives rise to honor-killings, to cleanse the family from loss of honor, due to a daughter having a Western boyfriend or other imagined sin. There are an estimated 23–27 such killings in America annually. It also motivates child marriages, because only then can a man be certain his wife is chaste.

She also relates a new dimension to why Muslim men rape women. Though they clearly see an “uncovered” or unaccompanied woman as fair game, by migrants’ rapes of western women may also be an act of aggression against their husbands and families:

“Rape [is] a crime of power, not a crime of sexual desire. Rape’s target in such societies is not women; rape’s target is men and families. Rape shows that the men could not protect the chastity of their women, hence emasculating them. And rape strips honor from a family.”

The consequences of admitting large numbers of people from such countries are now obvious in Europe, though European officials hope to prevent a backlash by deliberately concealing migrant crimes from the public. Clearly, their first priority is to bring in more Muslims. Americans can expect similar results if they allow Democrats and RINOs to admit large numbers of Muslims. The concealment of crimes has already begun.


Shocking cover-up of Muslim violence against women in Germany

In the Cologne New Years Eve attack, the police initially reported on January 1st that the situation in front of Cologne’s rail station was “relaxed,” when in fact over 500 attacks on women had occurred in their presence. Only days later, when it was unavoidable, did they report the extent of the incident. Apparently, this reluctance to report what was later called “a new kind of crime,” was part of an official policy. 

The New Observer now reveals a Bild newspaper report that the police are “deliberately covering up … nonwhite criminality” under express orders from their  Board of Directors. Police have been told, “Only direct requests from media representatives about such acts should be answered.”

The Observer concludes that recent police activities “have clearly shown that their political leadership regards native Germans as the enemy, and the nonwhite invaders as [a] ‘protected species’ who must be defended at all costs.”

The piece quotes a serving police officer from Frankfurt and Main:

“Whenever a case is reported to them involving nonwhite criminality in the invader centers [the Observer’s term], ‘we immediately put it aside. These are the strict instructions from the Board of Directors.’”

The Bild obtained direct confirmation of the policy from Michael Schaich, spokesman of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior, said The Observer.When asked about “the claim that reports of the nonwhite invaders’ criminal acts were to be suppressed, Schaich told the newspaper that ‘the press officers are advised that the issue of refugees could be exploited by right wingers to selectively stoke sentiment against those seeking asylum.’” This is one of various excuses given.

It should be noted that migrant crimes are not limited to sex crimes:

“The nonwhite invaders were first signing up for their generous German taxpayer welfare benefits before heading out into the cities where they start “working” couriering drugs and engaging in other criminal activities including the selling of stolen goods such as mobile phones,” said The New Observer. The reason given by the paper was to “avoid alarming the general public already concerned with the vast number of asylum seekers the country has allowed in – a more likely motivation for the widespread cover-up.

“In other words, even to mention that the Third Worlders have brought Third World behavior with them to Germany is considered ‘offensive’ by the ruling liberal elite.

“All of the officials dealing with the problem had been ordered not to talk about it, as it was an extremely sensitive subject that has been forbidden to be referred to in an ‘offensive manner,’” the Bild was quoted.


Police ignore mass sexual assaults of women in refugee centers: a crime against humanity

The Bild said German police are under orders “not to investigate or even report ‘offenses by criminal suspects who have a foreign nationality which are reported in a reception center [a refugee camp].’” Many female refugees are fleeing kidnapping, rape and brutality in their home countries.

This gives the lie to the syrupy claims by liberal government figures like Merkel that they have so much compassion for the refugees, that they have to let in unending numbers of them. It is to be noted that refugees and asylees spend months, even years in these camps.

Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute lists a host of rapes, sexual assaults and cases of forced prostitution involving women and children at refugee camps. He describes this as a national problem. One of the cases, that of “a 13-year-old Muslim girl … raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold,” was not reported by police for three months, until it was reported in local media. “Police chief Bernd Flake claimed that “the silence was aimed at protecting the victim,” which makes little sense, for her name could’ve been withheld. He vowed to continue the practice.

Kern quotes the newspaper Westfalen-Blatt, that “police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.”

“A coalition of four social work organizations and women’s rights groups sent a two-page letter to the leaders of the political parties in the regional parliament in [the state of] Hesse,” pleading for something to be done about “the lack of gender-separate sanitary facilities, premises that cannot be locked” at the camps.

“Women report that they, as well as children, have been raped or subjected to sexual assault,” the letter said. “As a result, many women sleep in their street clothes. Women regularly report that they do not use the toilet at night because of the danger of rape and robbery on the way to the sanitary facilities.”

Nothing was done.

The New Observer is more candid, calling the police “enemy of the people,” in the headline of their article. It says, the Interior Minister of the state of Saxony, Markus Ulbig, casually let it be known that there had been “1006 brutal crimes” in ‘asylum centers’ in that state [alone] in 2015… includ[ing] eleven incidents of attempted murder, and eight incidents of rape and sexual abuse, some involving children.” Only three were reported by the police.


Cover-up of migrant crimes not limited to Cologne – or Germany

The article quoted the Bild on an incident that rivaled the Cologne attack, a serious incident in Bielefeld: “an example of where the police had deliberately covered up nonwhite crime and violence:

“In that case, a local newspaper, relying on eyewitness accounts, reported that more than 500 refugee-criminals had forced their way into a nightclub and sexually assaulted dozens of women.

“The police had refused to issue any reports on the incident, and only confirmed that it had even happened after the local paper, the Westfalen-Blatt, had approached them for comment.”

Another case, in Baden-Württemberg, an area this author visited seven years ago in complete safety, “Four ‘refugees,’ aged 14–15, raped two white girls in Weil am Rhein,” said The Observer. The police reported nothing again, until local media asked them for comment.

In Stuttgart, another city experiencing NYE attacks, police only admitted “an Iraqi “asylum seeker’ had sexually assaulted a young white girl after an anonymous policeman leaked an official case file photograph to the local media.” 

The cover-ups were not limited to Germany. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven expressed outrage that police apparently covered up the mass groping of teenage girls at Sweden’s largest concert event, the We Are Sthlm Festival, two years in a row. It was not reported after the event, in 2014. As a result, nothing was done to prevent a repeat of the attack, and the groping was repeated in August, 2015. The Swedish prime minister vowed an investigation, The Daily Mail reported:

“Police should … not for any kind of reason try to hide something, PM Löfven said “This is a problem and we are going to bring it to light….’I feel a very strong wrath over the fact that women can’t go to a music festival without being violated, sexually harassed and attacked.”

“Roger Ticoalu, who heads Stockholm city government’s events department, said that a ‘large part’ of those detained were from Afghanistan, many carrying temporary ID-cards issued to asylum-seekers.

“He said about 20 teenage girls filed complaints of sexual assault and that about 200 suspects were detained and ejected from the festival for sexual assault and other offenses.”

“Of the 38 reported sexual assaults during We Are Sthlm 2014 and 2015,” The Mail said, “24 involved a girl under the age of 15.”

“It has now emerged that similar sex attacks have occurred in Austria, but police held the information back ‘to protect the privacy of victims,’” reported The Daily Mail, adding that the Salzberg prosecutor said there were ‘multiple complaints about sex attacks.’ 

The Left denies Islamic crime on both sides of the Atlantic; witness the Philly mayor’s bizarre statement. Clearly the mission is to facilitate mass Muslim migration. We’d be wise to limit it, and increase quotas of non-Muslim Europeans.


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