Explosive Evidence: IRS Covertly Planned Targeting of Conservatives


Lois Lerner, the head of the IRS tax-exempt office that oversaw the targeting of conservative groups, planned the crackdown on conservative groups as early as June 2012 and it was done ‘off plan,’ in other words, in secret and in collusion with the Treasury Department.

The emails obtained by the House Ways and Means Committee show that Lerner crafted new rules for the agency with Obama Treasury officials during the height of the targeting.

These new rules, which are pending, will make the targeting of conservatives legal and will not affect union groups who organize identical activities for leftists. Conservative groups will no longer be able to do what they have previously done – back candidates, do voter registration and so on.

During the House hearings Thursday, Cleta Mitchell, attorney for some of the targeted groups, said that the groups are still being targeted.

Catherine Englebrecht

Catherine Englebrecht

Elijah Cummings accused one group, True the Vote, and Catherine Englebrecht, the group’s founder, of racism without a scintilla of evidence.

via the gateway pundit

During the hearings, Democrats tried to say that the intimidating visits and investigations by several government agencies of Catherine Englebrecht were mere coincidence.

Does this sound like a coincidence to you:

Catherine Englebrecht has filed an ethics complaint against Cummings for publicly speaking against her on a ‘defamation tour:’

The FBI leaked to the Wall Street Journal that the investigation found no criminality though not one victim was interviewed.

President Obama said there wasn’t a ‘smidgeon of corruption” in his Sunday interview with Bill O’Reilly while the investigation is supposedly still open.




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