Fox News Censors Rush on Immigration Reform


rushlimbaugh Photo of Rush Limbaugh in the studio

Fox News was not interested in letting Rush talk about immigration and the state of the Republican Party. Rush wanted to talk about the fact that polls show Hispanics will not vote for Republicans no matter what their views are on illegal immigration.

Rush said in reference to Fox News, They “wouldn’t go there. And that, by the way is quite telling.”

This might help explain Bill O’Reilly’s blind devotion to Rubio and his immigration bill.

It has been obvious for some time that Fox News decided to go with the senate immigration bill. There has been almost no conversation about it and, except for Hannity recently and from guests like Laura Ingraham making appearances on O’Reilly, there has been nothing negative about it on Fox News.

Fox News is cooperating with misguided Republicans, either willingly or not.

They are also courting Hispanic viewers and now have Fox News Latino which is great as long as they report the news fairly.


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