Global Warming Alarmist Pope Francis Should Try This Link


global cooling

From 1973-1979 Pope Francis served as the Provincial Superior of the Society of Jesus in Argentina. It was during much of that time the gloom and doom threat of global cooling was circulating in the news.

Perhaps it was Papa Francisco’s critical responsibilities as a Jesuit supervisor that limited his exposure to that reporting. Or maybe Pope Francis was settled in a tropically influenced region of Argentina, that made the dire predictions of a coming ice age seem ridiculous.

But for whatever reason, if would seem based on his Papal Encyclical, the pontiff either missed that global cooling climate hysteria, or refused to take into consideration the human imperfections afflicting scientists who, either had it exactly backwards then, or have it completely backwards now.

With respect we’d recommend The Holy Father try this link:

Popular Technology: Global Cooling Alarmism



  1. Climate change is natural, humans have only a very minimal influence. One vulcano eruption produces more carbon than humans produce in 100 years. Global warming/ cooling or whatever the politicians ( not scientists) decide it to be, is purely political, Government central control, such as carbon footprint, all is a scam.

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