Good Grief! Trump Was Right Again?


trump laughsYesterday, I was disgusted with Donald Trump for backing out of the Fox debates but then I heard about the leftist from youtube being invited to ask questions of our GOP candidates and I was aghast. Damn if Trump wasn’t right again.

This article is not meant to be in defense of Trump. It’s in defense of all our GOP candidates.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, why is a debate with any of our candidates being treated as a spectacle?

Some of you will say That Fox is doing is the right thing. It’s giving the candidates a chance to show what they are made of and it proves a lack of bias but I will tell you that you are wrong.  You are wrong because it is being made into an entertainment event at the expense of the GOP. The GOP candidates will be put on the spot in a way Democrats are not.The GOP will be a laughing stock and the media will only repeat the comments that help the leftist cause.

This is a hit job.

Fox News and Google invited three YouTube personalities to ask questions at the Jan. 28 GOP debate. One of those people is a Muslim activist who has called Trump a bigot and compared him to Adolf Hitler.

“We have a presidential candidate whose loudest message reeks of hatred and Islamophobia… turning on the news now is scary, and oftentimes, humiliating,” the Muslim woman, Nabela Noor, says in a December YouTube video.

Nabela Noor
Nabela Noor

The two companies announced Tuesday afternoon that the anti-Trump Muslim advocate would be allowed to play a role in the debate.

Google is teaming up with the Fox News Channel for the final  Republican debate in Iowa on Thursday, January 28, 2016, and integrating three new components into the debate to help people get informed before they head to the polls, including a way to hear directly from candidates on Google; real-time Google Trends data; and questions from three of YouTube’s most prominent voices—Nabela Noor, Mark Watson, and Dulce Candy — who will join the moderators in the debate to ask the candidates a question on an issue that matters to them and their communities.

They invited a Muslim activist, a black man, and an Hispanic, all you tubers. They are mimicking that idiot in the White House who gives interviews between two ferns and to you tubers with green lips who swim in Fruit Loops.

The Republican National Committee also approved the choice of Noor, an LA.-based press aide for YouTube, Jackie Cavanagh, at MPRM Communications, told Breitbart. “I believe” she was chosen by YouTube, with help from the RNC and Fox, she said.

I must have missed something very important. I missed the part where the Democrats bring in the haters to attack Hillary and Bernie. All I saw was a disgusting infomercial on CNN. The DNC must be laughing their fool heads off at the RNC stupidity.

Did Fox invite Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, or Glenn Beck to ask questions? For balance sake, don’t they have more of a respected presence than a youtube upstart with a big siren? Only a faux Islamophobiaist, Trump-hating, Adolf Hitler comparing you tube nobody is invited? Forget Noor. Why are you tubers interviewing our candidates?

If they wanted to look respectable, why didn’t they invite Anderson Cooper or Jake Tapper? The answer is obvious.

Noor posted this on Twitter but I still want to know why Fox is pandering to a Trump-hater with an agenda at the expense of our candidates. Trump should go to the debate and explain what he actually said and meant.


Noor’s spiel is that Islamophobia is a serious threat and it’s growing. The real threats, according to her, are white extremists. The fact is that black-white hate is the problem and after that is anti-Semitism according to FBI statistics.

One of the problems I had with the August 6 Fox News debate was they planned an attack on Trump and our other candidates. In no way am I supporting any candidate at this time but why were they taking down Trump and – what people now forget – why did the moderators ask attack and gotcha questions of the other candidates? That riled me more.

The entire debate was entertaining but why do GOP candidates get treated that way? Fox business and Anderson Cooper held the fairest debates thus far and they asked professional questions.

Why is the RNC hammering our candidates? Any of them?

I don’t necessarily agree with Mark Levin on a number of things but I think he hits the right cord here.

Mark Levin Explains Why the Fox Debate Was a ‘Spectacle’

Sources: Breitbart and Google



  1. Oh buddy, these people and their crap.

    If one hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on, one would have a heck of a lot of catching up to do.

    Just when you think the mainstream media couldn’t sink any lower, they do just that.

    • Ditto, I will not be watching the debate and I will not vote for Ted Cruz If Trump is pushed out and I suspected a he would be all along, I will be voting for Dr. Carson.

      • Rachel, I like Dr. Carson, but why won’t you vote for Cruz if Trump is “pushed” out? Do you think the Elite are for Cruz, Rubio, or Paul? I think the Elite prefer Bush or Christie, and perhaps will tolerate Kasich.

        Personally, I believe Trump has made a critical mistake to not attend the debate. It only highlights his narcissism, haughtiness, disdain for others, and bullying tendencies. We desperately need a strong conservative constitutionalist president, something I have my doubts about with Trump. I also believe Trump is a loose cannon on deck.

        However, if Trump is pushed out by some elitist shenanigans, I’ll seriously vote for a 3rd party like the Constitution Party if there’s still a Republic left after Hillary.

        • I would kindly disagree. What Trump has done is very cunning. The elite will tolerate anyone that that they can control. I personally believe that Donald Trump is the only candidate that which the globalist elites cannot control personally (they can through other vehicles of leverage I am sure, he will have to get along with them). Anyone running for US Presidency is essentially a narcissistic person. I would not characterize him as a bully per se, but rather someone who applies leverage on others to get his way. The actual bullies in politics are the 4th estate. That is the gauntlet you have to pass through, and generally speaking you must bow to them as the unchecked power that holds sway and defines what the public hears and influences public opinion.

          His move was strategic in nature, he knows that conservatives do not like Megyn Kelly personally (she was even laughing with Michael Moore just last night) and the liberals do not like Fox News. This is a win-win for him in that he can again, separate himself from the pack, give himself liberal (sane liberal, not ultra-progressive) credibility for the general election, avoid a hatchet job and finally be seen as a deal maker that knows when to walk when the deal is bad. The Fox News press release (not Megyn) gave Trump the out, a news organization before their debate actually mocked the front-runner, thus establishing bias before the event.

          The elites are busy spinning this as Trump is ‘scared’, Trump is ‘thin-skinned’, Trump is a ‘bully’. We will see what works in the end.

        • Trump knew this was a hit job, word that an illegal immigrant and a middle-eastern had been “selected” by Fox to ask question during the debates, he (as all of us) could see this was another hit job to derail his campaign. Trump knows who is behind this: Rupert Murdoch, and Trump is a genius for staying out of it and leaving Fox to deal with an absentee front-runner. On top of it Fox had a press release 1 day prior to the debate that was absolutely bizarre reported by Breitbart.

          I don’t think the establishment can stop Trump because voters already know this sh*t is going on and everyone also knows the establishment will throw everything at Trump to stop him, they’ve had their agenda since August. Trump is a historical candidate, beating all the odds, people are not stupid and know what we’re up against.

          • Typical republican. Please check your facts. First of all, she’s not “middle-eastern”. Bangladesh is South Asia, idiot.

  2. FOX and Megyn Kelly turned that first debate into a three ring circus and it made me very angry and disgusted.

    I have no intention of rewarding FOX by watching them disrespect us again!

    It’s not The View, it’s a debate!

    • Megyn has been miscast in this case she sensationalizes everything she does. Trump is right again . How ever I really hate to see him back away from this woman. He probably figures he will have less trouble in the long run.

      • He isn’t backing away from MK. He’s backing away from Ailes and FOX with the same bs the cretins pulled last time, plus the inclusion of CAIR, AND ILLEGALS.

    • He isn’t backing away from MK. He’s backing away from Ailes and FOX with the same bs the cretins pulled last time, plus the inclusion of CAIR, AND ILLEGALS.


  3. Boycott the debate….watch it online later..if you are curious and if Trump runs his own program…tune in….change your search engine off from g o o g l e or c h r o m e if you are voting Republican…use another e-mail or something like Bing or porssibly yahoo…anything but the one above as they are behind this too directely! I talked to my my mother this morning whom is elderly and does not have internet and she is furious at Trump…calling him a chicken and unfair as she thinks Kelley is wonderful and a good reporter…..up til now she was voting Trump….now she just thinks he is a bully again! Try to explain it to her…forget it….so he needs all the support he can get and the word of what really happened needs to get out there …especially to the people in Iowa that will be voting soon…..betting the 1st 30 minutes of the debate is sadly going to be “Trump bashing” by the other candidates….especially having 2 Cubans to listen to argue….no thank you…neither is legally qualified to be the POTUS and the Dems are drooling at the bit for one of them to be the nominee so they can promptly sue them out of the race…and if Kasich should win….I think I would find another country!! haha…

    • They are constitutionally right to run. Ted Cruz is the only candidate that can’t be bullied around, that’s why everyone is bashing him bc he won’t sway. Trump, he will be sold, or fired to the highest bidder. Which will be democrats.

      • That is ludicrous! Ted sold Texans out a long time ago! He is a CANADIAN! He is a Bushbot puppet that only wants to be the First President of the NAU and wants to write and found the new constitution. It only leads to the final stages of the NWO that Bush Sr PROMISED would succeed. You are an Establishment/Washington Cartel sympathizer. He could give a rats behind for We the People! We can’t take care of ourselves! How are we going to take care of Canada and Mexico too? You might want to take those blinders off before it’s too late! Cruz is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

        • Ted Cruz is an American Natural Born citizen. Despite you uncalled for attack against Linda, your prevarications canards and prevarications against Cruz don’t hold water.

          • Us v. Wong Kim Ark came closest to answering the question as to the definition of a natural-born citizen. The majority opinion goes into length about common law and from that opinion one could easily glean that a natural born citizen requires being born within the jurisdiction of the US. The only mention of a natural born citizen to someone who is foreign-born was the mention of the Act of 1790 which states (from the supreme court ruling directly)

            “The children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been [p673] resident in the United States.”

            The wording only slightly changed in 1795. Both of these acts were later repealed in 1802, but I cannot at this time find the text of that Naturalization Act online although the natural born citizenship doesn’t appear to be defined in that later Act because that Supreme Court ruling ended defining natural born citizen with the Act of 1795. Personally I don’t have the time, but I will end by saying this.

            It stands to reason that the whole point as to the requirement of having to be a natural born citizen in order to hold the office of the Presidency of the US was to eliminate foreign influence.

            Does being born on foreign territory to only one citizen remove foreign influence? Put another way, if Rafael Eduardo Cruz had instead lived his whole life in Canada and just 15 months ago had decided to hop over the border into the US (he is a citizen after all–If he or his mother filled out the proper paperwork), renounce his Canadian citizenship and then declare to the FEC his right to run for President of the US, would you still think Cruz was a natural born citizen?

            Alas, the argument breaks down completely.

  4. The debate in Iowa ought to be held by Iowa people. Period. Same for every state’s primary. It is not a national event but national news merchandisers have usurped it. Plus, national, even international, operatives, like the Radical Muslim, Noor, who works for entities inimical to the American Republic, have gained access. One of the core structural imperatives of Federalism is to ensure that each state has its own inviolate nature. This is why we have the Tenth Amendment. Now, in conclusion, FOX could carry the Iowa debate conducted by Iowans. That would be fine. But what has developed, unfortunately, is that FOX has positioned itself as another power, another player, and Megyn Kelly presented as a power-playing-personality, a national figure. Kelly is a lawyer. At this rate, the next president could nominate her to SCOTUS!

    • While I doubt ANY major news network would allow STATE locals to conduct the debate, I really like your idea. Let the network then interview each candidate and analyze the debate afterwords, including some local interviewers with questions relevant to the local voters.

      However, let me interject one thought. This debate DOES NOT come into conflict with the concept of FEDERALISM or the 10th AMENDMENT. It does, however, involve the 1st AMENDMENT.

      Still, your comment about ANY network positioning itself as a power player is VERY well taken. As for Kelly for SCOTUS, I like her, but NOT THAT much. I’d like to see someone like Robert Bork. Remember him?

  5. The way I and millions of other people see islam is, iss, al quida, boko harum, and what ever other super dumb organizations they have should not have any kind of voice any where in this universe. they are so intolerant of any other belief, And the key word here is belief not fact. Only dumb uneducated people could be a part of that, they mistreat women, if they murder people that don’t believe like they do they go to heaven and get a lot of virgins so they can mistreat them, what idiot could possibly believe that. I think the whole world should become completely intolerant of islam and put an end to dumbas idiots cutting peoples head off with a pocket knife, burning people alive all the rape and murder, any religion that has to cause others harm should not be allowed to exist

    • This is probably futile, but the fact is that those extremist groups are to Islam what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. IOW, they’ve perverted Islam to serve their own sick ambitions, and taken advantage of believers to warp their brains. They draw their power from that, and from their weapons and their cruelty, not from the fact that they’re Muslims. There are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world, and what – a few thousand terrorists? Do the math. Do we make Islam the enemy, or do we make terrorism and extremism the enemy? If you don’t differentiate, you have 2 billion enemies instead of a few thousand.

      • Be specific: Which part of Islam have they “perverted”? Where do you come up with the figure “a few thousand terrorists”? From what I’ve read, there are about 1.4 billion Muslims in the world. If only 5% of 1.4 billion Muslims were terrorists, that still amounts to around 70 million terrorists worldwide. What you don’t seem to grasp–perhaps it’s because you have never read the Koran, Hadith and Sira–is Islam considers anyone who is not a Muslim a “kafir” (unbeliever). The highest duty for any Muslim is to engage in jihad against the kafir and the infidels (Jews and Christians). Yes, I know, not ALL Muslims dutifully follow the Koran, Hadith and Sira. But to a devout Muslim who is knowledgeable of the core Islamic texts, and who believes in what they command, and is willing to obey those commandants, they will engage in jihad against the kafirs and infidels. That is what ISLAM commands. It is what Mohammed commands. It what is what it is. You need to wake up and study Islam. Study the Koran, the Hadith (traditions of Mohammed) and the Sira (the biography of Mohammed); then, get back with me.

        • Brent, very well put. Should we not directly compare the life and teachings of the founders of religions against each other? Evidently Cdm either is a liberal/leftist apologist for Islam or he’s a Muslim practicing taqiyya.

          Muhammad was an insane, illiterate. bully, liar, thief, betrayer, slaver, rapist, adulterer, torturer, pedophile and murderer. He taught a homicidal intolerance of infidels in the Qur’an, Hadith, and the Sira as you point out.

          So we must compare that to the teachings and lives of Jesus and Paul in the New Testament. We should compare the Hadith with Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the Golden Rule. Muhammad taught to hate your enemy and to enclave of slay them by the sword. Jesus taught to love our enemies and to convert them throe love acted out in service. We should remember that Jesus rather than raising an army to fight the Romans sacrificed His life. Also, we must remember the conversion that Saul had on the road to Damascus.

          As an aside, my son claims that the RADICAl Muslims are those who believe in peace, kindness to all, tolerance, and the principles of freedom. He says that because they’re so few and as you point out, considered apostates, if not kafirs.


        • While attempting to and realizing that I actually could not even read the Quran in English, let alone Arabic because it’s structured not in any particular timeline in Mohammed’s life, my baloney detector went off and all I wanted to do was call shenanigans. Because I have a real life as a software developer, I then went to see if any debates were around youtube between Christians and Muslims to see what the deal was. Sure enough, some good ones with this guy by the name of Dr. James White were available. He seemed to me to be a legitimate trusting authority on the matter, willing to put the time and effort into understanding Islam. Is he correct in stating that Mohammed said he received the prophecy from a cave in Mecca? Is it just me, or did the devil just whisper into this man’s ear?

      • The difference is as a CHristian I will stand up loud and clear AGAINST Westboro members and even in doing so they most likely will not kill me! On the other hand any Muslims standing up against ISLAM are in most cases the EX Muslims telling us to BEWARE! Look at all the IMAMS in Texas that LOST their job over standing with Trump? So therefore I don’t see too many so called moderate Muslims standing up AGAINST them? So if they are going to turn and look the other way, I must continue to look over my own shoulder. I’m sorry but that is NOT the America I grew up in!

  6. This link

    is from the “Scott Adams blog”…
    He’s the guy who draws the cartoon DILBERT.
    He’s also a former Business School student,
    who appreciates the art of persuasion.

    Here’s his latest…about the TRUMP vs FOX thing…
    Sara, this post explains WHY I VEHEMENTLY support Trump.
    I hope it interests you.

    He also wrote a semi-funny/semi-serious book,
    “How to fail at almost everything and still win big : kind of the story of my life”

  7. Instead of spending her time telling Americans what’s wrong with them why doesn’t she speak to Muslims who hate America, Americans and the Constitution. The ones who want Sharia in America. These people spit in the face and want to kill the very people who pay their way to the best life on earth.

  8. Isn’t it amazing that everyone was upset when the media (main stream) did not ask Obama “hard” questions, or when they plant questions for Hillary, but these same people want to go after Fox News because “they are trying to set Trump up”? When you run for President (and especially if you get the job), you will be called every name in the book and will have to face ALL the people of this nation–including the muslim population.

    When you run for President in today’s society, everything you ever said or did is fair game and WILL be brought up during the general election by the Dems. If you can’t handle it now, how will you handle it then?

    • He is handling it. Fox News just did not realize that Trump actually has more power then them. Trump has also done more interviews than any politician running for the US Presidency. He routinely goes on shows where all they do is throw gotcha questions at him. He generally ignores the gotcha questions or correctly spins them to his advantage. Trump has correctly calculated that conservatives do not like Megyn Kelly (please take a look at her Facebook page some time) and liberals do not like Fox News. And… Neither trusts the media.

      The media will unsuccessfully attempt to brand Trump as ‘thin-skinned’ and ‘scared’. However, this is clever marketing by his opposition. The truly scared are the Democrats who would never in a million years go on Fox News for any debate or interview. They are not stupid. Neither is Trump.

  9. Shit to Fox for inviting these 3 people. They want all the GOP candidates look like a bufoon!!! Democrats don’t do that to their candidates. Trump was right & right to skip this debate & hold another event to raise money for the Vets. The general public are smarter than you think Fox News!!! They’ll see this as a show so your ratings will go up while making the whole process like a joke!!! who needs that!!! All of the GOP candidates should skip this debate! Republicans are always treated like lower class citizens & treated w/o RESPECT!!!!Wake up!!!! Trump is the only candidate that have the balls to stand up for us & the country!!!!!Vote TRUMP!!!!

  10. boycott the debate.. lets see how fox and the blond bimbo and the muslim and what ever else they drag in there like it, and i am going to change my internet to something else if google is in amongst this sickening mess. do not underestimate trump.. he may be boystrus sometimes but he does get his pint across and how many times has he khit the nail on the head.


  12. Donald trump is not only business smart but also a politic strategist. When someone dug a hole and ask you to jump in, what do you do? Trump will avoid it like a plague and refuse to join in as invited. This indicates and differentiate the potential presidential candidate with the rest of the Gop. Well done to this visionary and charismatic potential leader of America.

    • Plus, I don’t think that Fox News realized that The Apprentice TV show had an audience 5X higher then their highest rated show (O’Reilly Factor and the Kelly File). That’s something to consider when you are in negotiations with someone over who they want moderating. He doesn’t play the game when it doesn’t suit him. He is very ‘cunning’.


  14. This is a sad and sick thing that is happening about the Iowa Republican debate!
    Trump was smart to turn it down. He was not afraid of Meghan or Cruz!
    The good thing out of this shows what Trump will do if the Washington selfish greedy lawyer/politicians pull anything like this!
    He is smarter than both of them and he did this as he looked at it as a waste of time for Iowans and himself. Trump was pleased after the very last debate
    as he was starting to get use to debating and felt comfortable.
    However, this debate, as it was set up, is a total waste of time with Fox playing childish gotcha games!
    The big losers here are the Iowans looking forward to hearing a good debate, to help them make their final decision, before the primaries. And the other candidates, as well, are being treated unfairly not having a full listening field, without Trump, losing maybe some voters for them.
    However Fox only thought of themselves to do a childish
    gottcha game and thought nothing about the people who would have driven for miles to see this debate. Fox did a big disservice to the people of Iowa and owe them big time! Fox also did a disservice to the candidates who have spent many hours, in Iowa, working for votes.
    How despicable and selfish of Fox to do! Plus a very dumb decision! Remember, what goes around comes around!

  15. True Trump supporters already knew this and know what Trump did was the right thing as again, he knows the debate will just be another circus with FOX hosts just trying to goat all the candidates to fight.
    Trump is their money maker, he brings in the viewers, so why would an intelligent candidate participate in a mud slinging free for all that doesn’t get down to the countries issues, I sure wouldn’t.
    But will say, you can bet that Trump not being there will be the main topic at the circus tonight and again, not about what really needs to be talked about.
    I am watching CNN and Trumps Wounded Warrior fund raiser.

  16. Deport this POS, if you don’t like it here – go back where you do like it, you are not going to change this country to your level of hatred.

  17. Dr. Carson is the only candidate who has a logical thought process.
    He is conservative and will follow the constitution. Plus, he does
    not have these controversies of Trump, Cruz, Rubio.

    • Dr. Carson was played by his own campaign manager. He doesn’t know how to play the game, let alone be able to play outside of it. The elites are not frightened by that man.

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