Government Propaganda Isn’t Even Subtle Any More


Islam promoting women's right

Photo of Islamic women in full burqas. Islam is promoting women’s rights according to the National Park Service (NPS).

You won’t believe what our government is up to now.

Tolerance of diverse groups isn’t enough. We must love all the diverse groups too, even if we have to lie to ourselves to do it.

The National Parks Service is making videos to indoctrinate us on that very issue.

The video below pimps out children to extoll the virtues of Islam, particularly their support of women’s rights. You heard me. Islam promotes women’s rights.

According to the girls in the video, Islam gives women their rights and they have ‘equity’ as a result, not equality, equity.

In reality, Islam is the religion that allows child marriage, gang rapes, genital mutilations, and honor killings in many areas of the world. Read more at Freedom Outpost.

The National Parks Service is oblivious to the reality of life for most Islamic women if they think the Islamic definition of women’s rights is the norm. It’s very strange because they are promoting women’s rights in their videos. Click here for more videos.

They are also making videos on LGBT Pride, see the video below.

The Department of Defense is holding their first ever LGBT Pride Month events.

Our State Department has made it their priority to advance the rights of the LGBT’s worldwide. The same government that has remained silent on the massacre of Christians is promoting the human rights of LGBTs.

I am just pointing out the inconsistencies here.

There is an ideology-driven agenda infiltrating each government agency and it’s leading to government agencies assuming roles they were never charged to assume. They are using our tax money to serve us propaganda.

We want park preservation and the safeguarding of our heritage from the National Park Service, not invented history and fundamentally transformed ideals.

Who knows where the government will go from here now that their mission is evolving into brainwashing.

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