Here Is Tim Kaine Opposed to Illegals, Here Is Tim Supporting Citizenship for Them



Tim Kaine was against illegal immigration before he was for it. He is a liar and a hypocrite. Isn’t it “dark and disturbing”?

In no way will these people close the borders. They haven’t and there is no reason to believe they will. Hillary, the Podestas and George Soros don’t want it.

The 2013 Senate bill did not close the borders – I read it and you should too. If the people flooding in were Republicans, they would close the borders, but I state the obvious.

In the next video, you can hear him say the opposite for the purposes of self-glorification. He wants to ride into the seat of power at all costs.

“Well, first — and this was a dark and disturbing speech and, Norah, it’s the same kind of language that people like Donald Trump have used against every immigrant group that’s come to this country. There were ‘No Irish Need Apply’ signs. People were against Jews coming from Eastern Europe or Italians coming. This is the kind of anti-immigrant language that’s always had a tiny fringe support in this county but it was a speech that’s not worthy of a president and he completely misrepresented Secretary Clinton’s position. Hillary’s position is we need comprehensive reform. The basic pillars of reform are quite clear. We’ve got to do things first to make sure that employers can verify the immigration status of people who are here. We’ve got to keep families together, that is a key priority. We’ve got to create a path for people who follow the laws and pay taxes over a long period of time to earn their way to citizenship —“




  1. The early Irish, Italian, and Jewish immigrants came through Ellis Island and were SPONSORED by those already living here. Those sponsoring, accepted financial responsibility for the newcomers should they need help.
    Meanwhile this guy, when he was running for office in VA, was perfectly fine leaving illegals out in the cold! Contemptible man running with his soulmate.

  2. anyone seen the video of Hillary in 2006 talking about illegal immigration? she pretty much sounded like Trump does now on illegal immigration.

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