Heroic White Police Officers Save Mother, Two Small Children


White police officers in a black neighborhood risked their lives to save a young family without hesitation. There were no signs of those courageous “peaceful protesters”, just the “racist” cops whom the protesters call “pigs” and want to kill. There was not a single member of the Communist Revolutionary Party around with a sign thanking them for their bravery.

Several police officers formed a human net to catch a mother and her two young children as their apartment was being devoured by flames in Camden New Jersey. The fire started with the family Christmas tree.

Pictured below are the white Camden officers demonstrating how they formed a human net.

Camden's white police officers who saved family

The woman and her children, ages 4 and 7, were trapped on the second floor.

Two officers who had been on patrol, Sean McMahon and Aaron Roselli, were flagged down by neighbors.

They, along with Officers Nicholas Marchiafava and Shane Franz, broke down the door and tried to reach the family through the heavy smoke and flames but couldn’t. One officer collapsed.

The other officer shouted for the mother to go to the rear window. By this time, another six officers responded – Frank Cardosa, Joseph Czyzewski, Antonio Gennetta, Brandon Moreno, Thomas Rambone, Nicholas Sherman and Robert Schwartz .

They formed the net and told the family to jump. The 4-year old son jumped first, then the 7-year old girl, and finally the mother. All were caught safely.

They are reportedly doing well after having been listed in critical condition. The officer who collapsed was treated for severe smoke inhalation and released.

The officers – white officers – risked their lives heroically and asked for nothing in return. They never hesitated.

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