Hillary Wishes Afghans a Happy Independence Day as Obama’s War, the Right War, Drags to a Close


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton wished Afghanistan a Happy Independence Day. Apparently they are our non-NATO ally:

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to send best wishes to the government and people of Afghanistan this August 19 as you celebrate your independence and conclude the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The friendship between our two nations, forged in mutual respect and shared interests, will endure. The United States is proud to support the Afghan people as you continue to build a more peaceful, secure, prosperous, and democratic future, especially this year with Afghan forces increasingly leading in securing that future. I have seen the inspiring progress made across Afghanistan in many sectors, including health care, education, women’s rights, rule of law, trade and commerce. During my many visits, I have seen firsthand the better life you are creating for your children and grandchildren.

Working together this past year, both Afghanistan and the United States took steps to ensure that these strides are sustained. In May, we signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement, which provides a strong foundation for our enduring partnership across the board: in security, economic and social development, strengthening institutions and bolstering regional stability.

This is at the same time that Afghan insiders are murdering our soldiers; as we negotiate our way out by making deals with the “good” Taliban; as we release dangerous terrorists back into the field as part of our agreement with Karzai; and as we rely on a Strategic Partnership Agreement which is as worthless as the paper it is written on…

The deaths of our soldier-mentors at the hands of Afghan trainees is called green-on-blue violence. It happened 32 times in the first half of this year with 30 American and European deaths, a 50% jump from 2011. Many more go unreported because they result in injuries, not fatalities.

In July, the Afghan minister resigned over growing violence.

In June, Leon Panetta visited Afghanistan to hear an assessment from U.S. General John Allen, the head of NATO coalition forces in Afghanistan, about our “ability to confront these threats from the Taliban and from the Haqqanis”, a reference to the hardline, al Qaeda-linked Haqqani network.

Al Qaeda is gaining strength and joining forces with the more virulent Taliban who roam the countryside as wild bands of murderers who not only kill soldiers, they kill their own people. Pakistan has provided a safe haven from which these terrorists can launch their assaults.

Another 23,000 soldiers will leave Afghanistan in September, giving al-Qaeda lead time for more attacks. They hope to take over the government of Afghanistan and use it as a base from which to plan attacks on the U.S. The Karzai government will not be able to hold them back – it’s a weak government.

The announced dates of withdrawal are political and are aimed at getting votes from Americans who oppose the war. It’s a poor strategic tactic but an effective political one.

It’s Obama’s War, the right war.