History Prof Gives Extra Credit For Supporting Bernie’s Free College

Prof. Barejas
Prof. Barejas

From Campus Reform is the story about a Chicano Studies History Professor at Cal State-Channel islands, Frank Barajas, who offered extra credit to students for supporting part of Bernie Sanders platform – “free” or cheap college that all of us taxpayers can pay for.

Free, free, free, gimme, gimme, gimme…great ethic.

The students received extra credit to write a letter to a state assembly member or senator decrying “how [CSU’s] high fees and tuition” impact them and their family, including psychologically.

Barajas required students to provide him with the letters in a mailed envelope to mail their letters on their behalf.

In his biography it states, “In the fall of 2012, the University of Nebraska Press released his book titled Curious Unions: Mexican American Workers and Resistance in Oxnard, California, 1898-1961. He is currently conducting research for his next book on the of the Chicano Movement in Ventura County.”

The professor is a Mexican-American whose heart is in Mexico, not the United States.

protest at studio
From Prof. Barejas’ blog.

His works focus on socialist Cesar Chavez and on his blog, he complains that the faculty is 57% white [though that does conform to the population]. He believes the faculty has to be equal in number to the race of the student population.

On his website, he is supportive of Saul Alinsky, he’s big on unions and social justice, and complains of the 1%. He’s an admirer of the activism in the Chicano movement.

The video below shows an anti-Trump protest by brown berets of the Chicano movement.


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