How Obama Plans to Pass Immigration Reform Unilaterally



On Thursday, a Washington Post article looked at the possibility of Obama passing immigration reform unilaterally and how he would do it. Mr. Obama often uses newspapers like the Post to float his trial balloons and we should take this article seriously.

Speaker John Boehner said that people don’t trust the president and a comprehensive immigration reform bill will not pass this year. After ObamaCare it is hard to know what he would do with this law.

Obama and his adviser John Podesta have made it clear that they will pass as much of the Obama agenda as possible with a pen and phone strategy which is a euphemism for a dictatorship.

Obama has marched out his people like Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, demanding he stop deportations. Obama often uses ruses like this to make it seem as if he is being pressured to do something he clearly wants to do.  He can then say he had no choice but to act unilaterally – the people demanded it and Congress failed to act.

If you want to know how he plans to do it, the Washington Post has the answers.

Obama stopped the deportation of the DREAMers last year and put few obstacles in the way of keeping every illegal person under age 35 in the country. All the illegal aliens have to do is say they are DREAMers and their deportation is stopped, according to Chris Crane, President of the ICE union. The Administration has received more than half a million applications from DREAMers and has so far approved 72% of them.

Obama, the Washington Post conjectures, could expand that DREAMers program to include all illegal immigrants or specific groups of immigrants.

Another possibility is Obama could ‘legalize’ all 12 million on his own. He couldn’t give them citizenship but he could give them amnesty.

He could even use his presidential pardon power to give amnesty to some undocumented immigrants currently in the US.

All of these sound unconstitutional especially given the fact that he is not implementing the immigration law he swore to uphold to begin with. There is, however, no opposition to speak of and Obama seems to be able to do anything he wants.

Last May, Chris Crane said that Obama cooks the books. Crane said arrests and deportations are down dramatically since 2008.  In April, he said a disproportionate number of criminals are going back-and-forth across the border and we now have a failed immigration system.

If the Administration passes immigration reform, ignores officers when planning immigration reform, and does not secure the border, in ten to twenty years, there will be another 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States and we will face the same problem again.