Intolerant ESPN Will Not Tolerate Defiance of Their Leftist Agenda


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ESPN is so tolerant that they won’t tolerate anyone not going along with their gender-fluid bathroom policy. Make no mistake, this is not about transgender bathrooms, it’s about anyone going into any bathroom depending on how they feel at the moment and besides being abnormal, it’s not safe.

The Sentinel wants transgenders protected but not like this. It infringes on the overwhelming majority who know forcible bathroom usage goes against the Constitution.

ESPN President John Skipper disputed former network analyst Curt Schilling’s claim that sports news organization prefers left-leaning viewpoints, and told reporters this week that the company simply has no tolerance for intolerant points of view.

“No. We have no tolerance for points of view that aren’t inclusive,” the network chief said at a press conference this week, according to Newsday.

If you think they are twisted thinkers, you would be correct.

You can’t be inclusive by excluding the majority of people and forcing them to abide by your rules. Actually, ESPN is a private company and can do what they want but they have a bit of a monopoly and more power than they should. People need the jobs they offer.

“We have a diverse culture. We are very focused on making sure everybody can exist comfortably and succeed in that culture,” he added. “That’s what we have no tolerance for and I don’t care of what the politics of a person who has such an attitude are.”

They are leftists, don’t believe them.

They sure as heck made Curt Schilling uncomfortable. He had the guts to give up $2.5 million a year to say it. I’m not saying I liked that meme, I didn’t, wouldn’t have posted it, but I defend his right to do it.

We are free or at least we used to be to say what we want, have privacy in a bathroom, and post offensive memes. Don’t let these people tell you you are not because one day they will do it to you.

First they came for the Constitution, then the traditional Christian Americans, then the lands, then the fossil fuels, then the pronouns, and on and on…

Is it time to boycott the Totalitarians at ESPN? Target is suffering for the same nonsense. Yesterday, Target Corp. shares tumbled 8.8% and had their worst day in more than 7 years. They will not dictate to me nor will ESPN. North Carolina and Texas are holding firm on not being mandated to have gender-fluid bathrooms.

This isn’t against transgenders. Until the government has an appropriate definition of gender, we can’t give in to this. Changing genders every five minutes is not okay. We protect transgenders in the schools. This bill is simply meant to control and change societal views. It’s moronic.

When you go to vote, remember, Hillary promised more of this.

It’s not about love or hate – that’s meant to confuse people – it’s about fascism.

Source: Washington Examiner


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