Iraq’s Sharia Law: They Want to Approve Marriage to 9-Year Old Girls



The real war on women is going on in the Middle East but Gloria Steinem remains silent. Where’s Jane Fonda and Sandra Fluke when you need them? Iraq’s Cabinet approved a draft law that will allow marriage to girls as young as nine years old, will give automatic child custody to fathers, and will permit marital rape – husbands will be able to have sex with their wives whenever they choose.

Why should little girls be deprived of the joys of sex with an 80-year old Mullah?

Sick, huh?

The Parliament has to approve it and it could fail because of the pressure from upcoming elections.

Current personal status law protects women’s rights regarding marriage, inheritance, and child custody, and is the most progressive in the Middle East.

The Islamic Shi’ites have come to power and want to impose their religious extremism on the people. They have been proposing these laws since 2003 because they claim the current constitution violates Sharia law.

About two dozen women activists protested on International Women’s Day. They said it deprives children of a normal childhood.

Full story at Reuters


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