ISIS Moves Into Lebanon, Obama Remains Detached


ISIS militants streamed over the Syrian border into Lebanon Sunday taking over a number of police outposts, a military barracks, and a small city – Arsal City. It was in response to a Lebanese soldier arresting an ISIS militant. Thirteen Lebanese soldiers were killed.

Lebanese army lost 13 soldier

This was not an isolated raid. This attack in the north was met with a corresponding assault by an ISIS cell in Tripoli, one of Lebanon’s largest cities. [There is a Tripoli in Lebanon]

In Libya, Islamist militias, members of Ansara al-Sahria, overran several army bases and took control of the eastern city of Benghazi, the cradle of the 2011 revolt. Their ideological brethren are ISIS. Egypt is threatening to intervene in Libya to stop the chaos from encroaching on their borders.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was on “Hannity” in early July, calling U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East a “disaster” and said our nation is funding people who are allied with ISIS.

“ISIS is stronger because we’ve been funding Islamic rebels in Syria. There’s also people coming from Libya as well. Libya is basically a jihadist wonderland. Syria’s becoming a jihadist wonderland. And really, our involvement there has been to help the Islamic rebels,” he said.

video via Gateway Pundit and u2bheavenbound

Obama claims ISIS only presents a “tangential” threat to the United States as it consumes the Middle East – where the oil is.

It won’t be tangential for long.

Mr. Obama is the same man who ridiculed Mitt Romney during the second presidential debate for claiming Russia would be a serious threat. Obama snidely advised Romney that “The 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back.”  What will he say when we can’t get fuel or are being attacked by Islamic terrorists?

Overnight, ISIS or IS or ISIL wrested control of Iraq’s largest dam – Mosul Dam, which is electricity-generating. They also took control of several oilfields and three towns. All had been held by Kurdish forces. Thousands were sent fleeing into the mountains.

ISIS can pose an existential threat to half a million people just with the dam.

ISIS is currently attempting to seize control of Rabbia near the Syrian border from the Kurds.

We should be supporting the Kurds with air power. They are our natural allies in this fight.

There are reports that the rebels we are supporting in Syria – the Syrian Free Army – have all joined ISIS. We have armed and trained them.

Is ISIS a tangential threat? A “medium and long-range” threat we can ignore?

We have an open border. Why wouldn’t terrorists come across it? Terrorists from the mid-East work closely with cartels in Mexico and Central and South America. ISIS said they would take control of Lebanon and behead the King of Jordan. They promised to take over Turkey, Israel and they plan to come for us. Their plan is proceeding in a timely manner.



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