Islamic Radicals Target Spain, No, It’s Not ISIS



“Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, once they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties … and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented.” — Abdelwahab Houzi, a Salafi jihadist preacher in Catalonia.

Muslim leaders who support independence from Spain for the autonomous region of Catalonia have been promised a mega-mosque which will be the third largest in the world with a 300 foot towering minaret that will shadow a Catholic church only a mile away. It will tower over all of Barcelona. The independence movement is tied to radical Islamists.

Catalonia includes four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona and it has the largest concentration of Muslims in Europe. There is a steady influx of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa which will bring the population from 2.3% to 3.7%. There are 100,000 Muslims in the region who are eligible voters and who are being told to vote for independence in exchange for the Mosque.

If Catalonia wins independence, they will become the country with the third largest Muslim population in Western Europe.

The Emir of Qatar, a supporter of the terror group Hamas, has promised to purchase a former bullfighting ring “La Monumental”, pictured above, to be converted into the Mosque. He will also cover all expenses. Qatar already has a strong presence in the region. They have a lot of money to spread around.

Qatar is ruled with a mixture of civil law and Sharia law.  Sharia or Islamic law is applied to aspects of family law, inheritance, and certain criminal acts. Women’s testimony in family law is counted as half a man’s.

“Analysts say that Catalonia, which has the largest concentration of radical Islamists in Europe, is already a main center for Salafi-Jihadism on the continent and has the potential to become one of the top incubators for Islamist terrorism in the West,” according to Gatestone.

Adding to those concerns, at least three Muslim proponents of the mega-mosque with close links to the independence movement have recently been tied to radical Islam.

In early July, a group of jihadists claiming to be part of ISIS vowed to invade Spain along with all other “occupied lands” in a video posted on the web. The men say Spain is the land of their forefathers and that they are prepared to die for their nascent Islamic State. They plan to take it over by 2018.

Islam was a presence from 709 when Arabs ruled the land until 1614 when the Moriscos of Al-Andalus were expelled.

There is some resistance in the region by those who wisely fear radical Islam.

Interestingly, Hispanics in the United States are being targeted by Islamists with some success. Islamic “da’wah,” or outreach, aims to translate being Muslim into the Spanish cultural and linguistic vernacular.

Islam in Spanish reports an increasing number of Hispanics convert as a direct result of their targeted outreach.

Because of the history, Spain and those of Spanish descent are seen by some Islamists as easy targets.




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