John Kerry Makes a Major Fool of Himself Before the World Again



Secretary Kerry said Thursday that it’s likely some of the money being sent to Iran will be used for terrorism. He made his statement at the World Economic Summit. He’s “sure that at some point, some of it will.”

Kerry’s weasel words prove the administration knew all along that the money we give Iran will go to terrorism. How would they have stopped it? There are no controls built in to keep Iran from spending the money however they want.


Just the same, Kerry thinks Iran won’t build a bomb because they said they won’t.

Last week, three Americans were kidnapped in Iraq by Iranian-backed militias who are answerable to the Ayatollah.

The incredibly naive officials in Washington “had hoped the Iranian government would tell the militia group to hold off because of all the negotiations surrounding the prisoner swap that saw the release of five Americans. The State Department source said the fear was that one of the groups might have ‘gone off the reservation.'”

That is beyond belief. How naive can any government get?

The Iranians haven’t even signed the deal. There are side agreements we know nothing about and inspectors can only observe some of Iran’s facilities. For the most part, Iran is inspecting itself according to the deal that isn’t a deal.

Former Ambassador Bolton commented:




  2. John Kerry is a traitor and always has been. He should have been executed during the Vietnam War. Between him and Hanoi Jane they have betrayed many of our men in uniform and both should be put to death for their actions. They should have to suffer the same kind of torture that our soldiers did for as long as they can be kept alive and then sent to Hell to burn for eternity.

    • This man was elected many many times to the Senate from Massachusetts. I’m just wondering aren’t they totally embarrassed by this bufoon. He is Obamas lap dog. He will do anything to think that he is important. The man is an imbecile. Massachusetts. Take him back what were u thinking Kennedy and him boy are u all brainwashed.

  3. Throughout history deceptive words have been uttered to mask “drawn swords.” Wicked nations proclaim peace when their true intent is to wage war and subjugate other nations. These deceivers extend an olive branch in one hand while concealing a sword in the other. They are still chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA”—probably louder now, thanks to our idiot traitors.

  4. Kerry is indeed the fool of fools. His ignorance & naïveté are truly remarkable , not to mention total absence of personality & charisma befitting a politican of his standing who represents our great nation & voice in dangerous world affairs. Truth be told, this man is also an overrated cowardly turncoat who would sell his soul to the highest bidder at the drop of a hat. The man is spineless & without one single drop of courage or conviction when it comes down to the welfare & leadership squandered away before the world & court of public opinion by this jester. I must admit, every time I see the fool on the media circuit . I can’t help but laugh at his very strong facial resemblance to the late, great racehorse “Seabiscut” or Mr.Ed. Maybe he should consider joining the racing circuit & buy stock in Churchill Downs .. That’s all I have to say about that other than, then he could marry Jane Fonda. That sounds like a plan !!!

    • Kerry is without a doubt an excellent cyclist. Worthy of professional grade sportsman scrutiny in the way of performance enhancing substance testing. Obviously his extremist tendencies caused the tragic agony of defeat. Feel quite certain he is going through withdrawals.

  5. J Kerry is fucking moron, along with his boss. Both have no clue about real life, Kerry could not make it doing any thing else, married money and never has had to work as most politicians never have to so that tells you right there they don’t care about America, just themselves as most are millionaires .

  6. J. Kerry is an insult to the American Citizens, his boat-mates and the office he was given. These past 4 years or so have been totally embarrassing to those Citizens that still believe in the USA. as a World Leader.
    If there was ever a case for rewriting History of this Country, I can think there is a very good reason to start with the years of 2009 through 2016 and report them as one Big Ass Mistake. Hopefully, never to be repeated again. America, Wake the Hell Up!!! I pray to Almighty God to save Our Country for my Children and Grand Child to feel safe and enjoy like Our past as ancestors did. The Land of The Free!!

  7. Things to know about John Kerry:

    If he were any more stupid, he’d have to be watered twice a week.

    He has two brains. One is lost; the other is out looking for it.

    The only thing he took up in school was space.

    He has a small piece of brain lodged in his skull.

    He is a waste of two billion years of evolution.

    Guillotining him would only make an aesthetic difference.
    If ignorance were a disability, he’d get a full pension.

  8. So when are those traitors being arrested. They knowing gave money to people trying to kill us. They are funding the terrorist. Arrest them. Somebody do your dam job.

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