Kill the Tea Party Zombies Game



I have never been a fan of violent video or online games. Many have been aimed at the police, FBI, and other people who are trying to protect us, which is a form of indoctrination whether deliberate or not.

I know these games are nothing new, however, now they have a new target, Tea Party people and anyone who supports Republicans or Conservatives. These are online games aimed at people like O’Reilly (who is an Independent), Bachmann, Beck, Palin, Gingrich and so on. The games are called, “Tea Party Zombies must die.” This is indoctrination and they incite violence. After hearing Hoffa two days ago and observing Obama’s tacit approval of his violent remarks, I would say these are A-OK with our administration.

If you take the time to become acquainted with members of Tea Party groups, you will find they are nice, normal Americans. Many are seniors, who were often demeaned by the media as proof that the teas are irrelevant. Some are soccer moms and dads, some are rich, some are poor, some are in unions, working class, middle class, they are you and I. Are there a few kooks? Sure, just like any group, but not very many. I never heard one utter a racist word so that whole racist thing is nonsense to me. It is not the United States if we attack people for having different opinions.

Now this – twitter users want Republicans dead – is this part of Obama’s twitter war?

You can find out more about this on or here: CBS


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