Last I Checked Michelle Obama Was Elected By No One, Superintendent Says


“By leaving the program we will not be required to follow these onerous guidelines, pushed by and large by Michelle Obama, who last I checked has been elected by no one,” Superintendent Rick Petfalski said.


When Michelle Obama isn’t ridding the world of imaginary food deserts, she is actively developing policies for the USDA on school breakfast-lunch-dinner food.

Chips, candy, sodas are all being erased from school lunches but children can find low-calorie drinks and small-servings of bland meals with limit sugar, fat, and salt. The food is still the same processed food, but now it’s more tasteless and boring and includes more preserved fruits and vegetables.

It’s a great idea gone terribly awry simply because the initiator doesn’t know when to let go of some control.

Michelle Obama, the unelected head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture‘s school lunch program, is implementing her nationwide campaign to eliminate empty calories and,like her husband, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Schools participating in the National School Lunch Program will only serve healthy government food.

Many school districts, and all are for healthy food, want the decisions kept at local levels because they have to break even on their program. If kids don’t buy the lunches, it will cost them plus the children end up going hungry.

School districts have been dropping out and foregoing the federal funding. The Central High School District of Westosha, The Waterford Graded and Waterford High School Districts, all in Wisconsin, dumped the program in march.

Athletes said the schools weren’t serving enough food (one size fits all you know) and the fruits and vegetables were landing in the garbage. They also think there needs to be pushback against an overreaching federal government.

Another school in Wisconsin has just dropped out. They are leading the way!

From The Journal Sentinel Online:

“We believe that proper food nutrition and meal portion guidelines are best decided at a local level,” said Rick Petfalski, School Board president for the Muskego-Norway School District.

Opting out of the program means Muskego-Norway will no longer receive federal money for its meals, but it also means the district is free to serve whatever it wants.

Already losing money because fewer kids were buying the meals, the district will now have to cover the cost of free and reduced lunches on its own. It will do this partly by spending less on foods that students don’t eat and — they believe — increasing the number of kids buying lunches by providing tastier meals.

Under the school lunch program regulations, Petfalski said, the district’s food service was projected to be headed toward a $54,000 deficit. By opting out — and presumably selling more food — he expects about a $7,100 surplus.

“By leaving the program we will not be required to follow these onerous guidelines, pushed by and large by Michelle Obama, who last I checked has been elected by no one,” Petfalski said.

The latest round of regulations includes: Allowing only two fundraisers per club each year at schools to sell foods that are exempted from the USDA regulations. The USDA allowed this rule to be developed by each state, so this specific regulation was issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Some enthusiastic statist schools in the nation are eliminating cupcake sales! Wow, what innovation, such genius!

Michelle Obama’s overreach took a perfectly good idea and made it into nothing more than totalitarian excess.

The GOP has proposed a waiver but they aren’t as powerful as the unelected Michelle Obama.



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