Love This Cadillac Ad!


Cadillac ad

If you will notice, the actor has his jacket buttoned improperly. I’m not kidding!

This Cadillac ad has been running nonstop on NBC during the Olympics. It celebrates the American work ethic compared to the French work ethic. The French have a lot of disincentives to work built into their system. I’m not sure we should be insulting the French. Who are we to criticize anyone, but the ad has merit.

The ad lauds the America where hard work carves out one’s future and not entitlements. That I love.

Bloomberg Businessweek was concerned about the actor’s suit. The actor buttoned the bottom button!!! Oh Horrors! How could he have done such a thing???

From Bloomberg: Failing to leave the bottom button undone? Here’s what Esquire has to say about that: “Don’t button the bottom button of your suit jacket. Ever. It’s the quickest possible way to make yourself look like you don’t know what you’re doing.” The magazine also calls it “a scourge.”

A scourge! It’s a scourge!

I think government spending, government control and government scandals are a scourge, but that’s me.


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