Merry Christmas, Here Come Obama’s Gun Control Fiats



Barack Obama has been feverishly meeting with radical anti-gun proponents including Bloomberg groups and has commissioned White House lawyers to come up with the most extreme gun control measures possible without passing them by congress.

On December 18, White House communications director Jen Psaki said Obama’s execution action on guns would come in “weeks not months.”

Roll Call is now reporting that “senior congressional aides and sources in the gun-control community” indicate Obama will issue his executive actions after returning from Christmas vacation.

Roll Call quoted White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitting that Obama’s team of lawyers have been “scrubbing through the law” to find those viable avenues for gun control expansion. An anonymous source with insight into deliberations behind the scenes told Roll Call that they expect Obama “to better define what it means to be ‘in the business’ of selling firearms.” By so doing, Obama will be able to subtly expand background checks to cover a larger chunk of private gun sales.

Who does he think he is, traveling around like a third world potentate on our tax dollars and then coming back to rob us of more of our freedoms?

Obama gets off on ruining traditional holidays. He’s done it before. Remember his risqué gay Christmas ads to sell Obamacare?

The US Arms Treaty was in force on Christmas Eve last year.

Stars and Stripes reported in June 2014 that the military lifestyles in Bahrain must change for a month to abide by the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. This is the same Army that ordered the words “Merry Christmas” replaced with “Merry Holiday” and “Christmas celebration” replaced with “Holiday celebration” last Christmas.

In 2012, soldiers in the US Army were told to say Merry Holiday instead of Merry Christmas.

Two days ago, Senator Sen. Rand Paul introduced legislation to block Obama’s attempts to use executive action to expand gun control by limiting executive action on guns to “advisory only” and require that the actions survive a Congressional vote before being allowed to take effect.

He’s trying but the dormant congress will do nothing.

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6 years ago

Blow me running Obama

6 years ago

Someone needs to gun control his damn phony birth certificate! If congress had a single pair of balls in the whole 535 members they would stand his lying muslim ass down and impeach him!