MKE Black Panthers March with AR-15s Threatening “Crackers”, “F*ing Pigs


Blue Lives Matter says that Milwaukee Black Panthers armed with AR-15s marched Sunday, threatening whites and police. They marched through a Sherman Park area. They called their march, a “human rights tribunal” in the name of black men [criminals] who were killed by police.

They said police were committing “genocide” of blacks.

Dr. Alli Muhammad, who is with the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, said that it was genocide, that it can’t continue, and that it wouldn’t be allowed in other countries.

They want the Milwaukee mayor and police chief to resign. They talked about the death of Sylville Smith. Smith is the one whose sister told the gangs to “burn the suburbs”. A black officer, who raps in his spare time, killed him when he was threatened. He was exonerated.

The radicals also mentioned Jay Anderson who lunged for the officer’s gun when the officer shot and killed him. That officer was also cleared.

In Milwaukee, these lunatics can march with AR-15s threatening people. It’s not a crime.

Some protesters yelled “Free us or you die, cracker” and directed vulgar chants and other incendiary statements including “fuck the pigs”, “pigs out of our community,” and “fuck the police” at police officers.

The lies they are spreading are particularly dangerous.

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