Most Accurate Tweet of the Day



The Kincannon Show stated the obvious and sent out the most accurate tweet of the day about the GOP and illegal immigration. A  report out this past week found that illegal immigration costs Washington State taxpayers $2.7 billion a year.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) cites $2.7 billion as the annual cost of illegal immigration to Washington taxpayers as of 2012. As Trump said over the weekend, refugees are going to pour into the state next. Another new study by the Center for Immigration Studies found that the average immigrant household, both legal and illegal, costs American taxpayers $6,234 in welfare benefits a year.

All the GOP had to do is clearly express their plan to stop illegal immigration and give us back our borders. Trump was the only one talking about it in any sincere way. The GOP tried to ignore it and if it wasn’t for Trump, it never would have been mentioned.

That was followed by the next most accurate Tweet.

You might not know about this next issue either since the media and the GOP don’t talk about it.


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