MSNBC Host Wants Everyone to Get a Salary for Not Working


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An MSNBC host suggested we should offer mincomes  to erase poverty. Mincome is the idea that every adult citizen who is not in jail would get a regular salary if they are not working. All other forms of welfare would be eliminated. She thinks it’s so simple, but she’s wrong.

Essentially, it is a plan to pay people to not work.

As Charles Krauthammer says in the video it creates a disincentive to work. It’s an entitlement income.

In Europe, they have an entitlement state which encourages long-term unemployment. People don’t want to give up their freebies. In the United States, we still go under the principle of a safety net for those in need. Unfortunately, the safety nets are not balanced and disproportionately reward those who do not work. It’s a balance which is right now out of balance. It still beats the entitlement state.


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