New York Times Editorial Suggests Bulldozing Israel Into the Mediterranean Ocean


by Alan Bergstein

Three seperate times the Palestinians were offered a state of their own; giving them 98% of what they were, “in theory,” asking for. Each time the offer was rebuffed. The Palestinians want a one state solution – and that state is called Palestine (from the Jordan to the Mediterranean).

The New York Times continues its attempt, in conjunction with the Palestinian/Hamas government, to bulldoze Israel into the Mediterranean Ocean. “Let’s rid ourselves of the dirty Jews in the Middle East once and or all,” they imply. Not satisfied or even mentioning that the Jewish populations of Muslim countries now approaches ZERO, the Times continues its solidarity with the savage Palestinians to rid the planet of Israel, the homeland of all Jews.

I wonder how the included editorial of December 20th was accepted by Jewish loyal, lifetime readers of that paper?

In fact, how many of them are aware of the facts on the ground concerning that nearly seventy year old dilemma?

For instance, do they know that:

The Palestinian authority under Mahmoud Abbas has Hamas as its partner?
Mahmoud Abbas has promised that no Jew will ever set foot in Palestine?
Mahmoud Abbas has called for the destruction of Israel, no matter what?
Rockets are falling daily into Israel from Palestine?
Other than Australia and Canada, Israel has no support in the UN?
Under the two state solution plan, Israel will be only 9 indefensible miles wide at one point?
Muslims living in Israel are more secure and prosperous than in any Muslim country?
Palestinian officials speak openly of their intent on wiping Israel out, Two State Solution or not?
All funds handed over to the Palestinians have been either stolen by their leaders or utilized in their never ending war with Israel?
Israeli building codes require each apartment or home to have a bomb shelter?

There is no other country in the history of the world who has permitted constant warfare from a neighbor without a full scale military response?

Make your reading of the included Times’ editorial against Israel sort of a puzzle challenge. Highlight the ludicrous, false arguments that are embedded in this piece. Try to locate, if you will, any argument for Israel’s point of view. Try to pick out any mention of the words, Hamas, Gaza, Incitement, Incursions, Threat or Suicide Bombings.

And don’t you just love the last line, ending with, “……the prospects for the elusive dream of a Palestinian state?

NY Times article

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