New York’s Silly Safer Crossings


A safer crossing

Photo of a questionable safer crossing

New York State is on a quest to make our roads safer for pedestrians. They are going to slow traffic lights, force buses closer to the curb in a few locations, and they plan to build fences to keep jaywalkers from crossing anywhere but at the crosswalk. We can’t have a fence on the border but – jaywalkers – now that’s a whole other ball game.

The best of all are the little islands to be placed in the middle of roads  such as you see in the photo above. If a pedestrian gets caught in the middle of the road and traffic starts whizzing past, the pedestrian can stand in the middle of the road on this slightly elevated square patch outlined in orange paint.

I wonder whose idea it was to put these things in the middle of traffic.

Give people a false sense of security and make driving more difficult -that’s my New York.

Its another colossal waste of money.

Look closely at the two pedestrians in the photo – neither one is looking at traffic! If people don’t cross safely, what will Big Brother do about that?

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