NFL Will Penalize Honoring 9/11 Victims But Support Players Honoring Marxist Social Justice


Social Justice Marxists

Update: 4:15pm EST: Arian Foster knelt and raised a [commie-black power] fist in the air during the playing of the national anthem Sunday on 9/11.

Foster was joined by Dolphins teammates Michael Thomas, Jelani Jenkins and Kenny Stills in his silent protest of the treatment of African-Americans by police.

Kansas City’s Marcus Peters raised a commie fist during the Anthem on 9/11.

If they like putting commie fists in the air so much, perhaps they should play for Russia?


The Seattle Seahawks announced that they will stand with interlocked arms during the National Anthem before today’s 4 p.m. game against the Dolphins, in “a stand for social justice” — which is Marxism.

This superficial intrusion of politics into football by pampered rich kids has a lot of people fed up.

What should also offend people is they are standing for Marxist social justice which is in complete opposition to what the US flag stands for.

At the same time the NFL is threatening to fine a Titans player for wearing cleats that honor the victims of 9/11.

Two police unions were so outraged that they offered to pay the athlete’s fine if he wears them despite the NFL’s request for him to wear uniform sneakers, the Palm Post reported.

When Paul Nunziato, head of the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association, heard about the NFL’s response, he spoke out to reporters.

“I’m making a goal line stand on this. Enough is enough! The NFL is out of bounds on this,” he said.

He specifically called out Roger Goodell, saying the NFL commissioner had “committed a personal foul against humanity” by denying Williamson the right to wear his sneakers.

The Seahawks said they believe the new protest will honor America while still calling for social justice, according to a post on The Daily Dolphin blog. “We stand to ensure that the riches of freedom, and the security of justice for all people,” Doug Baldwin Jr. said. “Progress can and will be made only if we stand together.”

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll shared the video after Baldwin tweeted it, supporting his players. “So proud of our guys,” Carroll said. “Hope you’ll stand with us and help build that bridge.”

They’re all proud of Marxist dribble by the self-indulgent, self-righteous players.

Some of the Miami Dolphins, led by running back Arian Foster, plan to raise their [communist] fists while kneeling during the national anthem at today’s game in Seattle, according to ESPN. Some teammates will join Foster, but the entire team will not be in unison, The Post’s Jason Lieser wrote on The Daily Dolphin blog, citing the ESPN report.

If some endorsements are withdrawn or if people boycott them, perhaps these players will find religion.

The NFL should be doing something about this. There are some things you just shouldn’t do. Sure, they can do it, but there should be repercussions and not for the Dallas Cowboys who wanted to wear decals in honor of murdered cops or for a Titans player who wants to honor 9/11 victims.

That’s the opposite of what a healthy culture does but it is what a sick Marxist culture does.

We will update this as soon as we find out what they eventually do.

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5 years ago

The biggest problem is that the owners won’t say or do anything against the players due to a couple of facts. 1. Money. money and more money, these greedy slugs basically let the inmates run the asylum because all they care about is their money. 2. These protests are being done by people who live the good life due to their athletic ability, not their smarts. Anyone with the ability to run fast, block well, throw a long spiral or be able to avoid being tackled can become a player (also physical attributes help). They all live the ‘white privileged’ life because they worked their way out of any possible problems (well most of them anyway, still some dumbasses in the NFL today). Colin Kippersnack is the way he is because of his muslim girl friend/wife/whatever. He was adopted, lived a life he would have never known if he had been elsewhere, and yet like Killary seems to know the problems of ‘white privilege’. Unless you live it now, you know nothing.

5 years ago

The commissioner seems to be close to Obama.
The half time at the last Super Bowl was just a starter.
The NFL has dug itself into a hole through weakness.
Now, if they penalize social justice players, they risk a huge onslaught in popular culture and media.
The NFL does not have the courage to take a principled stand, decided to allow the protests.
This is entertainment, players have contracts which cover behavior.