NY Times Pushes Bernie Sanders’ Crazy Open Borders Platform


bernie sanders crazy

What is going on in this country politically is mass delusion and the push for open borders is part of it. The insanity is being furthered by the press.

According to the New York Times editorial board, Bernie Sanders’ immigration plan brings us back to the good old days when we had a reasonable immigration plan. The immigration reform was killed by the GOP, they opined.

Without using the word “illegal”, the Times board wrote, “immigrants should be welcomed and assimilated, not criminalized and exploited.”

“Mr. Sanders promises to use executive authority well beyond what President Obama has done. He would protect young immigrants and their parents from deportation, and give “broad administrative relief” to young immigrants, to the parents of citizens and legal permanent residents and to others who would have been allowed to stay under the 2013 Senate bill,” they wrote.

They describe Sanders plan as one that ends racial profiling, deportation and detention and “decouples” federal immigration enforcement from local policing. Sanders also defends “sanctuary city” policies.

In other words, he wants open borders.

Sanders is also going to give the illegal aliens free lawyers. The GOP, they write sees “unauthorized immigrants” as a shadow society of criminals but Bernie sees them as “parents, breadwinners, taxpayers, bulwarks of the economy and of the communities they live in, aspiring Americans trapped by unjust laws and oppressive policing.”

Wanting people to come here illegally is too much to ask?

We don’t have a country if we don’t have borders. We will have no sovereignty, no identity, and no money in due course, but, hey, we’d feel good about ourselves ruining our economy to help others.

The Times asks, “Is that so radical?”

Yes, it is, very.

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