Obama Budget Guts Newly-Enacted Veteran’s Choice Act



Remember the ‘Choice Act of 2014’ which was passed last August and which Obama signed into law with much fanfare? He wants to gut it in this year’s budget!

Listen to him promoting it in January:

It allows veterans to go outside the VA if they live too far away or are waiting too long. They are given a Choice Card to use at any hospital. Now the president’s budget guts it so the government can use the money for things they really care about which is not the veterans.

The VA doesn’t want it because it wants to keep people within the system and the president doesn’t want it because he wants single payer healthcare.

The government plans to gut it and they are pretending the veterans don’t want it and don’t use it. In fact, the bureaucracy is blocking them from using it.

According to Major Peter Hegseth, a bulletproof poll says 90% of the veterans want this option.

They also claim they aren’t cutting the program, they just want flexibility. If veterans don’t use it, the government will take the money and put it into their bottomless pit. It’s $10 billion dollars!

Listen to this weasley pencil-pusher:

The government is pretending they want more flexibility when they actually want to strangle veterans with bureaucracy, prevent them from using it, then rob the funds from the program.

Watch Major Hegseth who works so hard on behalf of our veterans who deserve so much:

Branco cartoon via Liberty Alliance

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