Obama Is Going to Stop by Roseburg But the Community Reaction Is Powerful!


Obama 2

The Roseburg Beacon newspaper publisher repeated his prior statements that Barack Obama is not welcomed in Reoseburg on The O’Reilly Factor last evening. This time he added that he has “spoken to dozens and dozens of people and some of the families of victims, our elected officials…our Douglas County officials along with our Douglas County Sheriff who is very popular and our chief of police all came to a consensus language about him not being welcome here for political purposes.”

The bottom line is that when the president opened his press conference, they “hadn’t even finished counting the bodies on the campus”. He – Obama – acknowledged he politicized it and admitted he did it, Mr. Jaques said in disgust.

MOST STUNNING was this comment by Mr. Jaques, “Now he wants to come to our community to stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some kind of a political point and it isn’t going to be well-received,” Jaques said.


After this segment, O’Reilly presented a montage of reactions from people they spoke to, including a man who spoke to the hero who tried to save the lives of his classmates, Chris Mintz. Mr. Mintz was not thrilled at the idea. This video is the clip of the opinions sampled:

On Megyn Kelly’s show right after O’Reilly’s, she had two city council members come on who said Jaques doesn’t speak for them or all the families and that when the president asked them if he should stop by ON HIS WAY TO A FUNDRAISER, they said yes, definitely. Obama is apparently going to speak quietly to a few family members. Whether he’s giving a eulogy or not, we don’t know, but after he will use it to promote his new gun laws.

He was going to a fundraiser anyway so why not stop by?

Megyn Kelly immediately followed that up with an interview of one victim’s father, Stacy Boylan. Here is a clip.


  1. If his (obama) presser was in someway intended to convey condolences to the victims and their families of this tragedy, seems to me it is only a proclaimation of his insincerity.
    Where was his procrustean methodology on gun control and attack on the 2nd amendment when the izscumic murders of our servicemen happened? Stay home, and do what you normally do when Christians are murdered and play a round of golf.

  2. The mayor of Roseburg should request all businesses to remain closed, on Friday, tell residents to stay at home, ask funeral homes to post signs (visitation by written invitation only), and remind hospital that patients rights state that patients have the right to refuse visitors! Who will he speak to, if nobody shows up?

    • That’s an excellent idea. They should also have all it’s gun owning citizens man the route his motorcade will be taking in support of the 2nd amendment!

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