Obama Golfs While a New World Order Emerges



Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping watched the Victory Day celebrations together this year. Russia doesn’t look so isolated after all. The United States and the world now face a dangerous Moscow-Beijing alliance. Both countries have imperialistic ambitions.

China and Russia have tightened their military ties, including joint naval exercises and a revival of arms purchases, that could complicate U.S.-led efforts to counter both nations’ expanding military activities, analysts and diplomats say, according to the WSJ.

Despite their differences, they have the same common enemy – the US. We can thank the current inept and feckless foreign policy for this turn of events. We reset the relationship with Russia, thanks to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, from as good as it gets to almost as bad as it gets.

Chinese honor guard

Putin put on a Victory Day parade and celebration yesterday with China as honored representatives.

A Chinese honor guard (photo above) joined a military parade in Russia’s capital this weekend, watched by China’s President Xi Jinping. It marked more than just the two countries’ contributions to the Allied victory in 1945. It also recognized their alliance against the U.S.

The Hill wrote: “Russia has found itself on this important anniversary largely isolated in the international community, with few of the invited world leaders in attendance.” Is that an accurate portrayal however?

Other foreign counties with troops in the parade were India, Mongolia, Serbia Brazil, India and South Africa and six former Soviet states. The U.S. and the EU are touting this as a victory and seem to believe Russia is alone. They only have India, China and so on. That’s all. So alone.

Our president has been out golfing, insulting Republican or fundraising.

The EU and the US sent ambassadors to the Russian event. In the past, Bush and Clinton attended.

Obama can’t talk to Putin or Xi but he will talk to the Iranians.

This is from the Wall Street Journal:

“The main significance is that the two countries’ navies are learning how to jointly project power into the other regions of the world,” said Vasily Kashin, an expert on China’s military at Moscow’s Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

Russia and China are interested in expanding their borders while Obama is shrinking the U.S. power to control these dangerous adversaries.

On Wednesday, Russia and China drafted a deal to not cyber attack each other.

Mr. Xi likes Putin and has called him a “strong and patriotic leader.

There is a military dimension “as Russia ramps up air and naval patrols around Europe and China seeks to challenge U.S. military dominance in Asia.”

The WSJ reports that “Russian arms sales to China are picking up and China is pursuing a new joint design and production program with Russia for diesel-electric submarines, which could be used to try to prevent U.S. ships from intervening in a conflict in Asia.”

The U.S. went from being number one militarily to invisible and the empty spaces are being filled by communist dictators. We have absolutely no diplomatic relationships with the key actors in the region except Iran who are playing us for fools.

Libertarians are blaming so-called neo-cons but in fact, it’s a foreign policy devoid of reason following a prior military dominance in the region that is to blame.

We are committing suicide as our president sends us on the path to military self-destruction.

Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh said the U.S. will not be able to maintain strategic gains under sequestration. He said  two communist nations – China and Russia – may have stolen our fighter jet technology, and will surpass us within 3-5 years.

“The option of not modernizing isn’t really an option at all,” Welsh said. “Air forces that fall behind the technology curve, and joint forces without the full breadth of air, space and cyber power … will lose.”

Chinese Navy’s Fleet will outnumber U.S. by 2020.

In January, General Ray Odierno, the Army’s Chief of Staff testified that not only have we moved away from the long-held strategic objective of being able to fight and win two wars simultaneously, he is not even sure—given our current manpower levels—that we could win one. And, he noted, he didn’t see peace breaking out around the world.

Obama isn’t worried. He can fly anywhere to golf.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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