Obama Interferes With the Israeli Elections Again


Barack Obama held a press conference Monday criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu and announcing to the world that a nuke deal is ready to be sent off to Iran.

Barack Obama has rushed through his deal with Iran, diminishing Netanyahu by claiming the world is united behind it.

It will allegedly allow Iran to have a peaceful nuclear power but there will be verifiable assurances that they are not producing a nuclear weapon, Obama claimed.

In the press conference from the White House where German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being hosted, Obama warned that Netanyahu will criticize the peace plan.

Obama made the speech into a partisan play by connecting the Republican Party to Netanyahu.

“There are real differences substantively, but that’s separate and apart from Mr. Netanyahu coming to Washington,” Obama said, warning that the perception of a Likud-Republican alignment puts a “cloud” of “partisan politics” over the US-Israel relationship.

Angela Merkel smiled and nodded when Obama childishly said Merkel wouldn’t seek an invitation to the White house so close to the elections.

“And I suspect she wouldn’t have asked for it,” he said.

Obama added that he and Netanyahu hold “very real difference around Iran.”

​”It does not make sense to sour the negotiations a month or two before they’re about to be complete. And we should play that out. If we can get a deal, then we should embrace that,” he added. “What’s the rush? Unless your view is that its not possible to get a deal with Iran. And it should not be tested. And that I cannot agree with.”

In addition to negatively impacting Netanyahu’s re-election campaign, Obama hopes to damage Netanyahu’s credibility so he has no impact on Congress and the American public when he gives his speech March 3rd.

This nuclear deal is Obama’s legacy and he is a narcissist. His legacy is all that matters.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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