Obama Releases ‘too-Dangerous-to-Be-Released’ GITMO Detainee to a Rehab Program


Obama has allowed the conditional release of any extremely dangerous GITMO detainee and you won’t believe the reasons why. He’s “more open”, he is “reconsidering” his crazy ideology, and Kuwait will give him rehab.

Obama’s fake GITMO review board just okayed the release of a high risk detainee to Kuwait as long as he gets rehab. The reason? Because the terrorist has been more open and might reconsider his religious views after a life long commitment to al Qaeda and the killing of US soldiers.

Fayez al Kandari, who was detained at Guantanamo since 2002, has been transferred to his home country of Kuwait. He is too dangerous and too high risk to be released outright with no conditions but certainly Kuwait’s rehab program will be just enough to bring him around.

Obama’s in-name-only review board – the Periodic Review Board (PRB) – has “determined that continued law of war detention of [Kandari] does not remain necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States.” Therefore, the review board recommended that Kandari be transferred and the Pentagon complied.

upstanding GITMO detainee
Fayez al Kandari, the last Kuwaiti to leave GITMO

They aren’t saying he was wrongly detained or that he should be released outright. They said there will be a “comprehensive set of security measures…including monitoring, travel restrictions, and continued information sharing.”

These “security assurances” are necessary because US officials have repeatedly warned that Kandari is a threat.

The Long War Journal has compiled a long list of files on this very dangerous detainee who means the US and US soldiers grave harm.

Kandari recruited an al Qaeda cell responsible for killing a US Marine on the Faylaka Island in Kuwait in October 2002.

Of course he will do it again.

Three recommendations against transferring him remain on the record as well as a district court decision against it.

He is a “committed member of al Qaeda who served as [an] advisor and confidant to” Osama bin Laden.

Kandari “has numerous connections to senior al Qaeda members and was an influential religious figure for al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan,” JTF-GTMO found. He also allegedly “provided ideological training to al Qaeda trainees” and acted as a “propagandist” on behalf of the terrorist group.

President Obama’s own interagency Guantanamo Review Task Force agreed that Kandari should not be transferred or released.

In its final report, released in January 2010, the task force wrote that there were 48 detainees who “were determined to be too dangerous to transfer but not feasible for prosecution.” Kandari was one of them.

A Periodic Review Board (PRB) heard Kandari’s case in 2014, but came to precisely the opposite conclusion of the one cited by the Defense Department today. Kandari’s continued detention “remains necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States,” the PRB wrote in an unclassified summary of its decision, which was released in July 2014.

They came to the OPPOSITE decision.

Now the review board has decided that Kandari is willing to “examine his religious beliefs and engaged more openly with the Board” and should therefore be released with this monitoring and rehab.

The grave threat he poses will be mitigated by the Kuwaiti governments assurances that Kandari will have to participate “in a rehabilitation program and to implement robust security measures to include monitoring and travel restrictions.”

Do you believe this crap?

Will he cry for any Americans who might die at the hands of this terrorist?

crybaby obama

Obama, the great humanitarian, doesn’t give a hoot that Kandari is a danger to the US, US allies and interests, and our military.

When this jihadi reconsiders, he’ll come to the conclusion that he hates America and wants to kill us all.

Read the entire story at the Long War Journal in an article written by their Senior Editor, Thomas Joscelyn.



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