Obama Sends in Police to Remove Vets from Vietnam Memorial



Handicapped Veterans walk through the Vietnam Memorial

Obama’s police ordered Vietnam Vets and tourists away from the Vietnam memorial!

Tourists and Vietnam Vets stormed the Vietnam Memorial on Friday. They removed the barry-cades during what turned out to be two separate showdowns. Obama’s police showed up when the second wave of Vets went through. They forced the Vets to leave.

Prior to this, a different group of vets showed up and the park rangers told them the wall was closed and asked them to respect the shutdown. However, the rangers moved aside as the Vets removed the barry-cades and walked through the memorial, according to NBC’s Mark Seagraves.

The Vietnam Memorial is an OUTDOOR memorial. It is now taking more guards to protect the OUTDOOR  memorials, not from terrorists, but from the American people.

This is the peoples’ Memorial, not Obama’s, not Congresses, it’s the peoples’!

Earlier in the week, Texas Congressman Randy Neugebauer showed up to help the people but was chastised for what was seen as his role in the shutdown.

We have had 17 shutdowns in the last 20 or so years and NEVER has a president stooped so low as to shut down open memorials and private parks. Obama wants to make it hurt.

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