Socialist Obama Explains What Made the USA Wealthy


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How in the world did we get Barack Obama as president?

Obama said Wednesday that America’s wealth “Originally” came from taxation and government programs. I do seem to remember that being in The Federalist Papers. I think it was Thomas Paine who said, let’s add government bureaucracy, a burdensome regulatory regime, corporate cronyism, and high taxes. 

Why did we fight the Revolution only to be taxed to death by brain-dead ideologues, Barack Obama being one?

This is what our president said today, demonstrating his complete lack of knowledge of the economy and free market principles. In fact, he’s “unfit”.

“I am a strong believer that government, strong, effective, transparent government, is a pre-condition for a market-based economy. You cannot have one without the other. But what is also true is, if every job is a government job, then there will come a point where you will not be able to accommodate all the talents of your people.”

The private sector is an addendum to the big government Obama envisions. There is no room for a free market.

“So you have to be able to create a private sector, a marketplace, where people who have a new idea or a new product or service, they can go out there and create something. If you do not have that, then you will frustrate the vision and ambitions of too many young people in your country. I think America in the past has done this well.”

He thinks Americans forgot how the USA became wealthy. He leaves no room for individual achievement and self-reliance. Local and state governments have no role nor does the free market.

“Our big problem here in this country is, sometimes we forget how we became so wealthy in the first place. You start hearing arguments of, we do not want to pay taxes to fund universities, or, we do not want to pay taxes to maintain our roads properly because, why should I have to invest [taxed] in society, I made it on my own? [You didn’t build that] And we forget that the reason you have an opportunity to work at Google or general motors or IBM had to do with a lot of investments made in science, research, roads, courts, and all the infrastructure that helps preserve the ability of people who want to operate effectively in a marketplace to be able to make it.”

When he talks about “investing”, he means he is going to tax us for his big government ventures. We used to laugh at this euphemism and now we accept it. That’s how incremental Socialists work.

If you are not a big government Socialist, you are anti-government.

“I always tell people who are anti-government, try going to a country where the government does not work. And you will see, that you actually want a good government. It is a useful thing to have. But it is not enough on its own if you also do not have the ability of people in the private sector to succeed.”



  1. Why did we fight the Revolution only to be taxed to death by brain-dead ideologues, Barack Obama being one?

    I have asked this question along with another question.

    How much was the tax on the tea, that started the Boston tea party on December 16, 1773???

    Do you feel like you are represented by the government today???

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