O’Reilly Makes A VERY Bold Statement About Trump, Defends Him to Cruz


Bill O

The Sentinel does not pick a candidate before a primary and this article is in no way meant to sway people. We report stories we find interesting.

Bill O’Reilly declared that Donald Trump was a CONSERVATIVE on his show last night, but O’Reilly doesn’t really know what a conservative is. Whether you like Trump or not, it’s impossible to see how he could be called a conservative though he has some conservative views which many find appealing. Trump is a big government, somewhat authoritative type of leader and conservatives who support him are willing to ignore that.

Perhaps we now think anyone who is not a flaming @$$ liberal is a conservative.

O’Reilly’s interview of Ted Cruz was 90% O’Reilly bloviating and 10% Cruz trying to get a word in. Later on the show, Geraldo Rivera tried to say Cruz’s New York values comment was a slur against Jews. It was so outlandish even O’Reilly defended Cruz against it.

Fox supports Trump in general except for Megyn Kelly and the Special Report panel.

This is the O’Reilly interview. You can decide for yourself if this is a fair interview.

When Dana Bash interviewed Cruz, she gave him more opportunity.

Ted Cruz had long lines of people waiting to see him upstate but all we hear about is the Black Lives Matter group who attacked him in the Bronx and the vulgar NY Daily News cover. The media also claims he had less than 100 people at his quickly planned event but there were 3,000 and he met with minority pastors.

O’Reilly made no mention of this.

This is one upstate event with thousands.



  1. Orielly is a bloviator, and has no respect for Trump. Just uses him for ratings. He thinks Trump likes him, but all Trump is doing, is playing Orielly., becuse Trump has class, and would not belittle Orielly. Orielly, keeps telling Trump, you can’t do that, can’t do this., Trump has no respect for people that use the word,CANT.

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