Outrageous! Look at Who Is Blaming Donald Trump for Riots in San Jose



The riots in San Jose and elsewhere aimed at Donald Trump are really not about Trump. They are anti-America.

Infuriatingly, the mayor of San Jose, a big Clinton supporting Democrat, blamed Trump for the riots in San Jose when even the left-wing media is admitting it was the anti-Trump rioters who were to blame.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Associated Press, praising the city’s police while adding that “we’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.”

The mayor only stands up for citizens who agree with him apparently.

Juan Williams of Fox News’ The Five told the audience Friday that Trump has to bear responsibility because Trump accused Mexicans of being rapists and murderers.

Trump said some were and we weren’t getting the best coming across the border. We just had a report today that Mexican smugglers are bringing illegals from terror nations in the Middle East across our southern border so, yes, Trump is right.

Juan even said these people are angry because he accused their mothers and fathers of being rapists and murderers.

That’s not what Trump said.

On Neil Cavuto’s show, also on Friday afternoon, another  “liberal” – one of the endless Democrat strategists – blamed Trump. The word Liberal needs to be put in quotes because there is nothing liberal about people who try to silence dissenters.

Listen to her rage on. Fortunately, host Stuart Varney corrected her and Dineen Borelli blasted her.

What dp you think of this liberal’s comments as she blames the victims?

She said that the “protesters” do not believe California is Mexico when Stuart Varney said they do.

You would never know it from the following.

The media seems very confused about who the perpetrators were at last night’s Trump rally in San Jose. The Mexican flags, the burning of US flags and people bearing placards sporting the benefits of Socialism apparently weren’t enough of a giveaway. Some in the media lied, saying that it’s usually a give-and-take at these rallies between pro- and anti-Trump people, which is blatantly false.

The anti-Trump protesters are organized rioters of the left who support Bernie or Clinton and many of those rioting in the sanctuary city of San Jose last night were illegal aliens who of course don’t want a wall or any limitations to their illegal immigration.

The police held back last night and said it was because they didn’t want to escalate the situation and put more people in danger.



  1. Did anyone else notice the ‘bearded men’ and the women wearing the ‘head scarves?’ Oh yeah, such typical-everyday-red-blooded-Americans ▬ NOT. I noticed the multiple ‘Mexican flags’, too – typical.
    I can only imagine how much ‘spanish’ was taught to the musslemen/women when they were in S America after arrival-from middle eastern mussle countries ie Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc – and even Somalia.
    Numerous ranchers along the border found mussle-prayer material, prayer rugs, etc that were left behind when they hopped-on-over to these United States of America. I so hope and pray that when/if elected, that Mr. Donald J. Trump lives-up to his promise to send ALL illegals back-to wherever they originated-from. They ALL need to be rounded-up and shipped back to the middle east. Their ‘ways/culture/beliefs’ are opposite to our ways/culture/and beliefs – absolutely like night & day.

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